question for the prada enthusiast!

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  1. through the years i've been an LV and Gucci handbag buyer and have looked past prada.. why?? i am not sure.. i recently sat down and went through saks online and found some of the most beautiful prada bags. i'm instantly hooked! i went to the store today to look at a couple i have in mind..

    the saffiano lux tote in black and the pebbled leather tote in dark grey..

    that being said, my question is.. do prada bags go on sale often? and if so, are there collections that never go on sale? i would hate to buy these bags and then 6 months down the road they go one sale.

    being familiar with LV i know they never go on sale.. and also has a core line that won't go on sale.. does prada have a "classic" collection that won't be found on bluefly or any other discount sites? thanks!
  2. Same here :smile: Have always had LV, Gucci, and Coach bags. Prada never really caught my eye until recently. Was at NM last week and browsed through the Prada boutique. Suddenly I was in love! So, like you, I've been trying to learn all about Prada bags, pricing, retailers, sales, durability, etc. lately. But, you've come to the right place!
  3. I think they will go on sale in NOV personally.Seems like more and more Prada goes on sale now...
    Id check Bluefly too..they surprise me by how much and how current they r getting in regards to Prada
  4. thank you.. i really don't want to wait til november to get the bags.. however i would be super bummed if they went on sale. it seems like the saffiano lux tote is a very classic style they've done in a few colors.. i can't imagine black going on sale?? however, i'm new to prada so i don't know!
  5. They are my new favorite! well tonight after dinner i brought my husband into saks to show him the two bags i'm eyeing..while there i asked the SA about the durability and she said the saffiano leather holds up against almost everything and the pebbled leather tote i like is made of deer skin, which is also very durable. i guess the fact that they go on sale kinda bothers me, but i also have to think that if i love the bag and use it a ton...does it really matter if it goes on sale?
  6. I love both...the Saffiano is much more dressy and the Cervo is more casual...Saffiano is stiffer and more structured, and Saffiano is more structured. Not sure if either will go on sale- but you never know- though the colors are likely to not....

    That said, Bluefly does have a lot of Prada as of late....

    I LOVE the Saffiano in grey, and the Cervo in Grey....Grey is the new black...right?

    G-luck with your decision-:smile:
  7. Do the saffiano totes ever go on sale? I wouldn't think so unless it's an unusual color....PP will know...she'll chime in shortly...
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    Not that I've noticed, because they tend to sell out really quickly. The basic colors won't go on sale, but there is the rare seasonal color could last out to go on sale.

    That being said, if you want it: get it. I'm not keen on paying full retail on Pradas, but I do make exceptions and this style especially in GRAY?? HELLO?? Oh yeah, I'd be all over it if I hadn't just gotten the Suhali Lockit in Verone. I'm on a major GRAY obsession this year! :drool:

  9. i'm in love with both bags and can't decide on one so i'll get both.. going to get the pebbled leather tote in dark gray first and then the saffiano lux tote black later in the fall/winter.. i have a feeling that the black saffiano will NEVER go on sale the gray tote will sell out before i can go on sale