Question for the Men

  1. Hubby has expressed a wish for a nice man-bag, not a murse so much as a briefcase. PERFECT opportunity to share with him the quality of Coach! I'll be cruising outlets as he will not spend retail on himself.

    My question: He wants to carry his lunch pack in there, possibly a laptop, CDs, books. What size has worked for large capacity, and what styles do you think look masculine? I've looked at the website but there's no telling till you wear it.

  2. OK I too am looking for the perfect man-bag. I have up to this point in my life been struggling to "keep it together" and not doing very well; lost keys cell phones etc. So now that I have been diagnosed with late onset type 1 diabetes I am insulin dependant. Now being disorganized and forgetful is not an option so I need a man bag to carry the essentials, which for me are meds, candy, 2 cell phones, and possibly an ultra portable PC. A laptop bag is too large for me and Just ugly as far as I'm concerned. Ideally I would like a bag in a 8x11 portrait format, polished brown and or black leather, with credit card and cell phone and key and pen loops etc. Wide strap and squarish. If your hubby is a techie and doesn't ming the laptop bag you can order very nice ones from hp.
  3. double post
  4. Messenger bag or a map bag. They make men's totes too, drafting totes also.

    From a woman's perspective though...
  5. I have the Transatlantic Weekend Tote and it fits my lunch, laptop, books, keys, wallet, agenda and sometimes an extra hoodie. It comes in all black and it quite stylish and masculine. The Transatlantic Business tote is all leather and very styling and large. Plus both can be carried by their handles or by the detachable strap.

    Outlet wise they have a limited men's selection. They'll have the lexington and the metropolitan briefcases usually. They aren't nearly as large as the totes but are very stylish and beautiful on their own.

    Hope this helps!