Question for the MAC geniuses! (LOL)

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  1. SO I bought some pigments from yesterday and I was wondering 2 things:

    a) about how long does it take for it to ship and get to meee?? lol I am pretty excited to use em'! For reference I live in Virginia (Hampton Roads...)

    annnd b) What MAC brush (or any other brand) do you recommend to use when applying the pigments?

    THANKS LADIES! any help is greatly appreciated!:tup:
  2. i've ordered from her twice & it takes her like 3 days to ship once the order is placed then another 2-3 for delivery. I'm in Virginia as well.

    oh & as for the brush i use a sephora #21 all over eyeshadow brush. Maybe a MAC 252 or 239

  3. woo hoo! thanks so much! :smile:

    and hello fellow Virginian!!
  4. 239! you want to pack those pigments on your lid. not sweep. but i will tell u this go to michaels and get the lowe cornell 3/4 maxine mop. its the exact same as the 239. I have about 4 and they will save u 20 each!
  5. 239 Ditto the packing. It really helps eliminate a lot of fallout.
  6. I use the 239 to pack it on, and the 217 to spread it out and blend, it helps it stay on, and I always apply over a nude paint or paint pot.
  7. Ditto the 239, Ditto the amount of time it takes to receive from I've ordered from her twice and it's quite fast!

  8. Sweet...thanks for the tip! Must get to Michaels....
  9. I also use the 239 for pigments. Its good for packing on the color. I use the 217 for when I want a sheerer application.
  10. SWEET tips ladies THANKS sooo much!!!!
  11. ...I love the 242 for packing on pigments instead of the 239. I use the 239 to apply lighter (non-pigment) e/s in my inner lid and inner corner area and then the narrower 242 for the lid/crease/outer area for pigment or deeper e/s.

    For my lid shape and how I like to apply color, this works great for me. Now, if I want to do a huge sweep of pigment, I'll go straight to the 252 brush which is much wider.

    No matter what, I use Bare Study paint pot under pigments rather than Painterly. A shimmery base is much better for showing off those pigments!!
  12. Good tip, PG! I'm going to put Bare Study on my list. :yes:

    The key is definitly a good base. Sometimes, I'll even use UDPP and a paint pot. Nothing budges when I do that.

  13. AWESOME!! I have the Bare Study Paint Pot-and I was thinking about getting painterly-but I think I'll stick with what I have!! I cannot wait to try my new pigments!

  14. I have Painterly and LOVE it. I think it's ok to have both. :yes: They create two different looks.
  15. ^ITA, Bare Study has gold undertones and so I don't like using it with my Lark About-based looks, or the blue/iridescent looks. I like my sublime nature paint for a neutral base, I still get a lot of shimmer but it definitely does make the total outcome different. I would definitely recommend having a few options if people can afford it!