Question for the Louboutin fans!

  1. hello, shoe lovers! i've been browsing through the louboutin picture thread and found myself wanting to know more about this gorgeous shoe brand...for instance, what is pigalle and prive? i sound like such a newbie :sad:.

    also, are they generally quite narrow? do they have various widths or heights that you can order?

    also...where in the world do you wear these lovely shoes? if i owned a pair i just wouldn't know if i could wear them "casually" because i live in hawaii and rubber slippers are honestly the most common footwear here.

    thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Welcome to my world.

    Pigalle is a pretty standard style: high heel, very low cut toe box for "toe cleavage."

    They generally are narrow shoes, which is why people say they "run small"; however, sizing for various styles tends to be all over the place.

    Not sure if you can order different widths--special order maybe, but I don't remember what hte mark up for htat is.

    I live in Wisco, and I wear mine everywhere. But I love heels, and I could really care less what other people think when "high fashion shoes" to them are Steve Madden for crying out loud.

    (I know, I know, I sound like a total snob, but if loving beautiful (and expensive) shoes is wrong, then I don't want to be right.)
  3. PP you crack me up. Ol' Stevie Madden is a copycat genious, LOL.

    BTW, did you all see the comercial for BMW showing a gal toting a black pair of CL Pigalle's (I believe) into her house (red signature sole prominant) then sawing off the heel of her right shoe in order to "hit it out" in her Beemer? Very cute add. If that doesn't help sell CL's I don't know what will:okay:
  4. omg i knew the shoes in the bmw commercial looked so familiar!

    thank you legaldiva for that information. i suppose there isn't a lot of opportunity to wear louboutins in wisconsin either, but i love to hear you say you can rock them any day! i'm sure you work hard for them too, diva! i think i recognize you from the thread about law schools in the general discussion area.
  5. I didn't care. I even wore mine to school. There was this one obnoxious girl who came up to me once, and was like, "are those the super expensive shoes that all the celebrities are wearing?" (I was wearing my leopard print helmuts.)

    Don't kill me, but I was like, "oh no, they're totally knock offs." (!!) I thought it was incredibly rude of her to say that. Whatev--she's just jealous.
  6. This is a subject that I can talk about all day. First off, I would say that CLs tend to be on the narrow side and sizes are inconsistent between each style and within a style itself. Secondly, there are styles you can wear "casually" in Hawaii--the espadrilles such as cataribbon and menorca would be great daytime shoes in the islands. For night I'd recommend Mlle. Marchand, Activa, Ernesta, and any of the sandals/peeptoes.

    To answer your question the pigalle is a sexy, pointy toe pump with a low cut toe box for toe cleavage and comes in various heel heights. This style can be considered the least forgiving if you have wider feet. The very prive is a peeptoe with a covered platform.

    I live in the San Francisco Bay area and I wear the miminette during day to day errands or casual evening occasions. The fancier stuff I wear for dressier occasions either when I am in town or on vacation.
  7. Yes I did! I think it's awesome how those shoes were featured in a car commercial.
  8. Here are some picture example of what Pigalles and Prives look like.

    Pigalles (120mm version):

  9. pigalles are so cute but that heel looks so dangerous
  10. So what is the difference between Prive and Very Prive? Any pics to demo the difference would be greatly appreciated!
  11. The Pigalles actually come in a walkable version 100mm.

    Photo from eBay:
  12. Prive's generally just refer to the peep-toe covered/concealed-platform CL versions -- there are 2 types of the Prive (so far):
    (1) "Very Prive" - peep-toe, concealed platform, COVERED HEEL

    (2) "Numero Prive" (sometimes also labeled as "No. Prive" or "N Prive") -- peep-toe, concealed platform, SLINGBACK

  13. That makes perfect sense to me now! Thanks so much! :tup:

  14. The shoe in #11 is technically not the Pigalle. It's the "frinzy" or something.
  15. Yeah I know because they have the crosses in the front but I wanted to show the 100mm height with the regular heel. Most of the ones on eBay I see now are the sculpted heels.