Question for the ladies that own CL Paten Leather Decolletes

  1. I own many pairs of CLs that range in size from 7.5 - 9. I have the black patent leather Decolletes in a size 8.5 and I have worn them twice now, and they are absolutely killing me. They are very tight in the toes, that it actually becomes painful to walk in them - which I cannot say about any other Louboutins that I own. So I would like to know what your experience has been with the patent leather decolletes, do they stretch after a few wearings or do you think that they will continue to bother me regardless if they are broken in? My problem is that I absolutely love them and I would have to get another pair that fit me better - so what would I do with the pair that I currently own?
    It's a good thing that I bought the tortoise decolletes in a size 9 which I think are a much better fit for me.
    Thanks for your feedback ladies.
  2. My personal collection of Louboutin's includes sizes all over the map as well, but my Decollete 868 pumps are the biggest size in that size range. So in your case I'd say getting the 39 is probably the best choice. That said, I have to be honest and admit that Decollete 868 aren't the most comfortable me they are the most PERFECT classic pump design, I love them to death and have them in a variety of colors/materials (and still want more!) but for me they're not really walking shoes. Definitely more walkable than Pigalle 120 though, but if I have to do more than one hour of walking in the Decollete's, I don't think I can handle it. Standing is perfectly fine (I can stand all day in them and wear them for office, for example), just not if I have to do quite a bit of walking. But then again I'm one of those people who carry a folded-up pair of ballet flats in my purse everywhere I go....wear flats if I have to walk some distance, and then change into high-heel Loubies (unless it's the Cataribbon, in which I can walk and run a marathon in w/o a problem even though they are over 4").

    Another factor to consider is which factory your Decollete's came from -- CL's are now produced in 2 separate factories in Italy (now that they've gone so big so quickly), and as much as they try to implement quality control, there's still a bit of variation between shoes (exact styles) from these 2 diff't factories. Most people probably don't notice, but I've noticed these tiny differences -- with the Decollete's sizing can be a tiny bit diff't (by about 1/2 a size), with the Yoyo/Prive peep-toe shoes the variation is with the peep-toe cut.
  3. Also, I should mention that the patent leather version of the Decollete's is probably the most size-restrictive -- in terms of not really having much stretch in it. It does stretch a tiny bit with wear, but not as much as Jazz Leather or suede. Yep, they're making the Decollete's in some GORGEOUS fall colors (think regal jewel colors) this fall in SUEDE.
  4. Thanks Foxy! I appreciate your comments. I am really torn because, just like you, I think that the decolletes are the perfect classic pump but they are just so damn uncomfortable. I think that I am going to try the decolletes in tortoise that I recently got in size 9 to make sure that they fit well before I go for the black patent leather in a larger size. I would just hate to have 2 pairs of the same exact shoe.

    Oh - on another subject that we were talking about the other day, currently has the nude patent leather very prive with the gold tip on pre-order. I just placed an order today.
  5. This doesn't bode well for me. I bought brown patent decollette 868 last month in a 37. The 37.5 kept slipping off my foot and the store only had the brown in a 37. I haven't worn them out of the house yet, so I've got the false sense of security and comfort from the carpet.
  6. i have the nude patent decollete 868s and i love them- simple, sexy and the best basic pump yet. they are pretty comfy but hell my feet ache after walking around the house in them for just a few minutes~ i would suggest getting the toe box stretched at the cobblers, but make sure they dont stretch it out of shape. :smile:
  7. Lavender --

    Please clarify: are you asking about the PATENT decolettes or the black Jazz decolettes? The Jazz have a sheen and are mistaken for patent decolettes sometimes, but the sizing is very different for these leathers.

    My Jazz decolettes are 1/2 size larger than my patent decolettes. My black Jazz stretched a bit, but not my oxblood Jazz. In general, go up 1 full size for decolette Jazz, and 1/2 for patent.
  8. LavenderIce - I had the same issue, when I tried the larger size (9), they kept slipping off my heel so I decided to go with the 1/2 size smaller. I am now regretting that, with the larger size, I could always put a heel grip so that they don't slide but there isn't much that can be done with a shoe that is too small.
    I am going to give them one more chance tomorrow, hopefully it doesn't rain and I can take a long walk in them. If they are still hurting tomorrow, I am going to either try to sell them or give them away.
  9. I think im between sizes too in the decollettes...the 9 is too tight, the 9.5 is a bit too big.
    I ended up getting the 9 hoping that they would stretch. So far all of the stretching at home hasnt really helped. I even tried putting gym socks on and then wearing the shoes around to stretch them, but i was afraid i the shoe was going to break in the seams.
    I guess thats just the price of fashion. :smile: Otherwise you could always "wear them with your eyes" instead of on your feet.
  10. So far I am wearing almost all of my CLs with my eyes instead of my feet. :p
  11. I had the same problem with Jessica Simpson patent leather, they wouldn't stretch at all. When I took them to a shoe repair service they told me that patent leather is set and will not budge unless it is heat-stretched. They also told me that not even every shoe service has a heat stretching device. Anyways, you will have to have them heat-stretched or you will not be able to wear them, trust me.
  12. Thanks guccidiva - that is what I am fearing. It's so strange because my patent leather simple pumps have stretched, in fact they have stretched a lot. But the decolletes have not stretched at all. Guess I have to get a new pair in a larger size.

  13. Just to warn you about going for the larger size, even with a heel grip, the shoes slide off my heel eventually, I don't have a flat heel or anything but going for the larger size doesn't seem to solve anything for me. Just my experience, of course, it may work for others. Try looking into heat-stretching your existing pair, it doesn't affect the look of the leather at all. You won't get wrinkles or see any after-effects. I am very happy I stretched mine, they are wearable now and they don't look stretched at all. Macy's paid for my heat-stretching so considering the price you paid for yours, I am sure if you complain the store would have to pay for yours. Otherwise, you just wasted a lot of moolah.
  14. i just purchased the black patent decollete at Saks bh yesterday, and i was also debating between 9 or 9.5 (i usually wear a size 8). the 9 seemed a bit snug, but the 9.5 was too big, so what the SA did was stretch out the toe of the size 9 (they also did this with another customer who was trying on the tortoise very prive -- they have a machine in the back to do this, and i think it's fairly common). the stretching helped A LOT and now they're perfect. i'd recommend taking them to Saks to see if they can do that for you.
  15. Wow, this thread is very informative. Thanks for the info Chloe_78 and Gucci Diva. I would never have thought to ask the store to stretch my shoes.

    I've also never heard of a heat stretcher. I brought a pair of patent CL Iowas to be stretched even though I had been warned patent barely budges. I didn't know to look for a heat stretcher. They did stretch just a tiny bit but they are still a bit too tight. I'll have to find out if my cobbler used a heat stretcher. If not I'm going to have to pay again for them to be heat stretched.

    Kamilla, sorry I can't help much. I just got a pair of patent decollettes. I wore them out once to a show and I was mostly sitting so I don't know if they stretch. Sounds like you got a lot of info from everyone else though. I know I did! :tup: