Question for the Kooba Experts!

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  1. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, and so thrilled to have found you all... I just bought my first Kooba, the Lola, in color violet. I absolutely love it!! I am now considering buying the Sienna, but my question this style of bag still in?? I know it has been around for a while.

    Thanks so much!!
  2. The Sienna is definitely a classic by Kooba and I think many girls here who own it Love it! I have the smaller Scarlett and it is a great bag. I hope that you find one! Be sure to get it authenticated at the forum too.
  3. Oh, yeah.....the Sienna is a classic. It will never, ever, ever go out of style. In fact, I will bet my flower-embossed Sienna that they will bring the style back in a few years for a limited time.
  4. Thanks for everyone's feedback so far! Has anyone seen the raisin color? I haven't seen it in person, does it look more brown, or purple..or plum?
  5. I say it's like plum.
  6. chodessa- I am trying to get feedback to see if 385 is a good price for..what' your opinion?
  7. I have 2 Siennas, Cognac and Ivory, and use them all the time..

    While the initial craze of the bag is long gone (and Sienna herself will probably say it's history), this is still a great bag..
  8. Out of all the Koobas that I own/owned, the Sienna is THE ONE. The ONLY ONE. I've never had a more flattering style - and more wonderful all-time Siennas are:

    1) Smooth black
    2) Smooth Espresso
    3) my vintage Luggage Brown
    4) and my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW AND FABULOUS Ivory one nary a spot or boomp....

    I wore my espresso one today and I'm loving her as much as the first day I laid on her. Can you tell I love them! This is a Sienna-Lovin' Girl!!!! :dothewave:

    (and on a little side note, the Raisin was the ONLY one that I've sold and the reason is very simple....those pebbled Siennas had terrible whipstitching fraying problems like you wouldn't believe. I won't candy-coat that by even saying it was just my bag. It wasn't - it seemed to be a whole production situation....)
  9. Jchiara - I have a new Sienna Raisin and I am pretty gentle with my handbags. Do you have any suggestions to minimize the fraying before it starts? I haven't used it (almost afraid to).:s

    I really love the color and the texture is very distintive.
  10. Jchiara I know you love your expresso Sienna....but did you really lay on her? :roflmfao:

  11. Your exhuberant post made me dig into the back of my closet and get out my Metallic Army Sienna for awhile. I do so love her and my black one. That espresso is a real beauty. Love how the light catches on her and brings out the hues of brown. She's "loverly".
  12. purseluster can you post pics of your Lola ? I'm considering buying it but I'd like to see it "in real life". Kooba bags are not available in Belgium so I must buy mine online. Thanks so much !
  13. I KNOW!!! I SAW THAT AFTER IT SAID 'EDIT'!!!! :shame: I'm soooo giggling! Hee hee.....:sweatdrop:
  14. The Sienna is a "must have" to every womens wardrobe. I was fortunate enough to get one through Saks last summer. I don't take "her" out a whole lot due to I don't want her to get dirty. But when I do....everyone always remarks on what a absolute beauty is is.
    I own a total 5 me that is some that might not be much BUT one thing is for sure....there is no compromising their sophistication, their material and craftsmanship and OMG...the smell!
    If I could jump in..I would!!!

    Get one and enjoy it!
    You'll love it!

    (I'm new but just had to add my "2 cents"!

  15. Oh's me again.
    Does anyone know anything about the Kooba Kylie bags?
    I've been "eyeballing" a couple on eBay.
    My recent kooba purchase was the Dylan. It has a completely different smell that the gingers, sienna, and ada's. So what about the they smell good too?

    Okay...I'm obsessed w/wonderful leather smell. I admit!