Question for the Inclusion Bracelet lovers......

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  1. Hey girls,
    I just got 2 inclusion first ever and I really love them. If I wear them both together, will they get all banged and scratched? I know many of you out there own a ton of these. Do you wear them together and if so, how are they holding up? Thanks a ton!!!!
  2. I used to only wear one, but now I wear two all the time. I haven't noticed any scratches at all.
  3. Thanks LVbabydoll for your reply!!! I'm thinking the same kind of looks blah with just one. When I put them both together, I really love it. I got the amarante and transparent. This is going to be addicting, I can tell. I'm already wanting another one.
  4. And they get comments don't they? Something about them is noticeable so people really look!
  5. You're welcome! I know, they're very addicting. :sweatdrop:

    And gacats-YES! I get more compliments on those than any other jewelry piece (besides my Tarina Tarantino pieces). I love them!
  6. The bracelets don't scratch easily. I love them, am going to get a second transparent pm so I can stack two transparents.
  7. I also wear 2 at a time - pink and transparent and didnt notice any scratches:smile: I just got myself a red one and now waiting to get amarante - I love those - they look so pretty together:smile:
  8. The top and bottom of mine have surface scratches that you can see under direct lighting from me wearing them together.
  9. I wear two at a time too! I have transparent, amarante, and pomme.

    So far mine aren't banged or scratched at all from wearing two.
  10. Thanks gals for all your replies!! I guess I need to enjoy them and wear my two together. They're resin, so they'll scratch over time, even if I only wear one. They're just too pretty not to enjoy the both of them together. I want a pomme one now!!!!!!! These are addicting!
  11. They get scratches eventually no matter how careful you are. I have a transparent, framboise and amarante and they always look good alone or stacked. The only thing I don't like is the clicking sound they make :sad: I always get compliments from the transparent.
  12. i was going to do the same when i get mine with the amarante and transparent. Does anyone have any problems getting their hand threw them though?
  13. Yes it will. I wore 2 Inclusion bracelets at one time and I noticed that my Amarante bracelet had dents in it and because it's a dark colour it's pretty noticeable. Now I just wear it one at a time..
  14. Ooh! I thought it was just me, I wear 2 @ a amarante & transparent together as well. No dings or scratches far.
  15. I wouldn't wear a ton at once, but I think 2 together is cute! They don't scratch too easily, but it can happen.