Question for the Gucci Gurus


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Dec 16, 2006
Hey guys, last week I bought my first Gucci. I was walking past the window of my local store and saw a large gray hobo bag that tugged at my heart and was not to be denied. The SA said it was the New Jackie. I loved the bamboo, the tassels, and the bamboo-ornamented closure. Since I didn't have a single gray bag, and I didn't have any Gucci bags, I nabbed that beauty.

I then came here to the subforum to find out more information about it, since I'm a Gucci rube, and mine doesn't look like the few pictures I've been able to find on here of the New Jackie.

Mine has bamboo on the closure. The other pics I've seen of this bag don't show bamboo on the closure.

Mine isn't really a pebbled leather, exactly, although it's soft and puddly in the body. The pics I've seen show pebbled leather.

Mine is lined in a coarse-woven, almost home-spun sort of natural colored linen. The other New Jackies that I've seen have a black cotton lining with Gucci printed on them.

I'm not worried about a fake, since I bought it at the boutique and the SA brought one out of the back with its foam protectors still on the metal. I'm just curious as to why mine has different details from the ones I've seen here.

Does anyone know? I'm a complete Gucci neophyte, and I've had a hard time coming up with searches that show much about the New Jackie.
Feb 3, 2009
I could be completely wrong but I think Gucci did two versions of this bag. One had more ornementation than the other one. Is yours the large size? I just ordered a new jackie, when I get mine we can compare.


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Jun 8, 2007
Seattle, WA
On the gucci website, the current collection of New Jackie's in the large size are showing the bag with the bamboo lock closure. Some versions of this bag in different sizes/fabric choices came or come with just the light gold closure w/out the bamboo depending on what season it was released.

I wouldn't worry about your bag being a fake - especially since you purchased it from the Gucci boutique and they went to the back to get you a new bag. Enjoy her and post some pics!


Sep 20, 2008
I have the one you're describing in grey. Don't worry, New Jackie was made over several seasons in different colors, materials, and details, so some have bamboo closure, some don't. The one you have in my opinion is one of the prettiest of all New Jackies! :graucho:
Btw, this particular bag color was not sold on the US website, but I think I remember seeing it on the Italian site. So when you go to, try searching through Italy link, you shoud be able to find your bag.