Question for the GUCCI blondie bowler Owners

  1. :Push: since many "amazing" fakes are being sold on ebay......---> now they are being produced w/ the Gold medallion instead of brass (was a sign of fake) so, how do you know if the bag is real?
    big question: Is the underside zipper engraved w/ Gucci name?:sweatdrop:
  2. You must just be questioning the "blondie" purse, as I have purchased 2 purses directly from the GUCCI store - a medium Abbey and then the Princy medium purse and both have on the inside zipper pocket - GUCCI on the little zipper tag. My purses also each have a cell phone pocket. Now I know older, past season purses don't have the cell phone pockets. If you visit a GUCCI store, you will see that some purse do while others don't have the cell phone pocket. So as far as your question about the zipper -i am sure some models don't, while the new models from the FALL '06 collection which my purses fall under do have the GUCCI on the tag.