Question for the gorgeous Gucci ladies!

  1. Newcomer to the Gucci thread, but I'm really into the brand now and looking to purchase my first!

    This is my question:

    Does this gorgeous bag come in black jacquard??

    I think it'd look lovely in black! If not, is there a similar horsebit monogram-d ring style that comes in black?

  2. ok dont quote me on this...but i remember seeing that bag (which btw i LOVE LOVE LOVE!) ....and i remember it in different materials.

    but again im not 100% sure...but i cant see why they wouldnt make it in a black, gucci's PRETTY good about making their classic line in both colors :smile:
  3. I would call up a few boutiques and find out if I were you. As luved said, I would surprised if it didn't come in black.
  4. I haven't seen it in black but it did come in black leather and black something else (some animal like croc).
  5. Actually, it is available in black though I haven't seen it IRL. I saw it last season on their website, under the other materials, however now their website only displays the normal fabric with brown leather. I guess you'll have to search around for some stores that carry the black or maybe it was discontinued. Try calling some stores. Good luck! It's such a gorgeous bag, I always stared at it every time I was in the boutique, especially when I saw it in white from the cruise collection.. If I could have afforded it, that probably would have been my first Gucci!

    As for similar styles... I suggest this Abbey boston:

    It's not exactly the D-ring on the wave boston though.

    Or if you want a bag with a more similar shape I suggest the Princy boston:

    Once again, good luck, hope you find what you're searching for!
  6. i've seen it in black leather too (although not in black monogram). it does (or did) exist!