Question for the girls who use LV for school

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  1. Is there any LV bag that can be used to carry a MacBook in, one that won't put too much strain on the straps? My BFF has a dislocated shoulder that will have a 6 month healing period after surgery so the Jansport backback won't do. Since she has to go with a shoulder bag, she figures she might as well go designer ;)
  2. How big is her laptop?

    My Hampstead MM fits my 13" Toshiba well. You can also go w/ the Batignolles Horizontal (though depending on the size of the laptop it might not fit a lot else in there, this is more if it's a netbook). These both have wider, flat straps and are very comfortable.

    You can also consider messenger bags. I'm going to go check out the Icare, which technically falls under luggage but seems like it'd be a great school/work bag (if you go to the Celebs Carrying LV thread and search for Selena Gomez there are a few w/ her carrying it and it looks awesome).

    Whatever you pick, I'd go with something with wider straps. Straps that are too thin will dig into your (her) shoulder and be uncomfortable with a lot of weight in the bag, even if it can technically accommodate the weight w/o breaking.
  3. I would say neverfull or totally.
  4. Totally or maybe the palermo
  5. My hampstead MM fits my 15" MacBook Pro. The totally MM/GM would also work.
  6. neverfull, totally or BH
  7. Hi! :smile: And good suggestion re: the Totally. That sounds like it'd work well too. I'm still so glad you rec'd the Hampstead to me! :P
  8. I use my Totally MM for school but my 15" won't fit in it with my books so I might buy another but in damier GM. Other good comfortable bags I'm considering include the ICare and Delightful MM/GM. I was looking at a NF GM but I'm afraid the straps will be too uncomfortable.
  9. Wouldn't a macbook ruin an LV? If it were me I would get a computer case and carry that separately. But if I had to choose one I'd choose the BH. It looks like the sturdiest one.
  10. I'm glad that you're still loving your hampstead :smile: I stopped using my hampstead for law school because the case books are just ridiculously huge. I'm now a huge dork and use my north face bookbag everyday, lol. I still use my hampstead as a tote during the weekend though.
  11. Aw, you're not a dork! Or if you are, I am too because I carry bookbags sometimes too because I'm always toting files, books, etc. back and forth between work and home. :P
  12. Will she be okay carrying all that weight on one shoulder though? I bought a shoulder bag with the intention of carrying a laptop but it was just tooooo heavy for day-to-day use.
  13. Well never buy a NF GM in this case. I bought one for the same purpose but it was way too heavy.
  14. neverfull's straps are too thin, might hurt ur shoulder.
    maybe a batignolles or hampstead?
  15. i use my beaubourg , reporter GM, Icare, shopping sac, or my nf for carrying just about anything i need...