Question for the GH Coin Purse owners

  1. How do you like them? I'm waiting for one in Magenta and another in Electric Blue but I haven't seen one in person yet and was wondering if the people who own them like them more or less than the traditional coin purses? Any thoughts for those of us considering buying them?

  2. I LUUUURVE the GH CPs! I've never owned a regular CP so I cannot compare....

    but in general- I love GH period. That is the exact same combo I am going after when they come out!
  3. Hi, I have a Magenta CP w/GSH, I like it a lot! I'm also on the list for a BG Pink and EB w/RH.

  4. I just got the magenta cp GSH last week. I love it!! the outside zip on the front is about an inch longer than the RH one so it's quite a bit easier to get change in and out of it. I hope you love it as much as I do!
  5. Thanks to all of you for the replies! It's very helpful. :yes: I hadn't seen many of them posted on here so I didn't know if maybe they were just very unpopular or something...

    I have just gone accessories-nuts in the past few weeks... I'll have to do a mass post when everything arrives! :nuts:
  6. cheshire, i know what you mean. i own gh bags but was weary of getting a cp gh one. i saw one and wasn't too sure about. on the other hand, i haven't seen a magenta rh cp, i wonder if they made them?
  7. I have a Magenta on the way in GSH, hopefully it will arrive this week.:smile:

  8. Ladies with GH coin purse please post some pics for us to drool over! I know there are some lingering the club house but it doesn't hurt to ask!
  9. I'll take pics of my magenta tomorrow in daylight and post them! :balloon:
  10. I am totally loving the GH on CP's, maybe even more than the RH CP's!! I think GH in EB would look :nuts:
  11. here is my magenta sgh compared to my vert fonce rh




  12. Those pictures are adorable - thank you for sharing them! :tup:
  13. [​IMG]

    Here's mine :yahoo:



    Love it, use it a lot!! I like it much more than a rh cognac I had and sold. It just has more pizzazz, you know? It's not so plain lol... whereas with bags I'm mostly a rh girl!
  14. I like to share ;) Make sure you post yours when you get them!! :p
  15. Lovely!!! I would trade my violet mu for a sgh cp any day!! :nuts: I love the sgh/violet combo!!!