Question for the experts!! (DO NOT LAUGH!)

  1. laughing ladies...Please keep in mind what little I know about Hermes I have learned here from random posts I read. Okay...I was in Neimans the other day trying on shoes for New years and this gorgeous woman was carrying a BIG I want to say a gold, beige color. It was BIG and I was in love:love: !!!!:nuts: what size could it have been, price, and are they hard to find??? Thanks for any thoughts...I hope you can share my vision of the bag??!!! (Im sure some of you have it!)
  2. Hey Sunshine!

    Sounds like it could have been a 35 or 40 Birkin...the largest they come is 45cm (I believe) is one of the most popular colours, perhaps it was gold?

    Was the leather textured?

    Uh're slipping onto the orange side! You know, there's no going back.....
  3. My guess would be a 35cm in gold togo??? Maybe we can post a pic and you can let us know. It is a very popular choice
  4. Isn't there, like a 50cm GF??? Something obscenely HUGE????
  5. ^ I think there is a 50cm in the travel HAC, but not the Birkin...hang on...let me consult my "books".....
  6. Hamg on, D. Are you in the right thread here? This isn't the Johnny Depp thread.......
  7. There is a 50 & a 55 in the HAC, according to my dimensions...the Birkin only goes to a 45, but this is a 2003 book...
  8. Okay...after scrolling though the refernce library here...I think it was the 40 cm Birkin...god I really loved it....Im terrified of the price!!! But my anniversary is Valentines day!!! Hell, dh may divorce me with this request! If its too hard to locate I may not have to worry....(I KNEW you ladies could help me!!) Im slowly coming around...ughhh...
  9. Sunshine, how tall/large would you say she was? Ashley Olsens bag looks huge on her, but would look fairly normal on me. It also depends on the size of the carrier.
  10. I think if the woman was shopping it was probably not bigger than 40 cm, after that they are like "pop-up" tents.
    The most likely color was (as the ladies said) gold and in togo or clemence leather. Sometimes the ones that big...40cm+ are easier to find in stores, the demand is not as big as the 35 cm, (which is the most popular size).
  11. He, he, he.....HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, Sunshine!!!!!
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  13. LOL!

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  14. Sunshine! :yahoo: I bet it was a 40cm. now that would be an awesome Valentine's/anniversary present!!!! :nuts:
  15. [​IMG]
    Could this be the color, leather type...the bag?

    (photo courtesy of our dear PF member Star)