Question for the early 20s gals?

  1. So I got the PCE card 2day & am thinking of getting my step dau a cute going out bag for her 21st birthday. If it were you what would you want for nights out? A swing pack? Big wristlet? What are your faves? I'm leaning toward the swing pack but would love opinions. Thanks!
  2. i always bring my gold optic pouch as an evening bag
  3. A wristlet. I use the legacy wristlet in black and it holds my cell phone, credit card, cash no problem. It has plenty of room to loop around my wrist. And it is completely stylish, I always get compliments on it.
  4. I like my soho small flap for nights out because it fits right under my arm.
  5. This is the bag I would want.

  6. For going out, I would definitely recommend either one of the pouches or wristlets. Any handbag would be way too big for going out. Whenever I go out clubbing/bars/etc, I bring along my demi pouch or wristlet. Plus, they have a lot of cute pouches out right now. good luck!
  7. sorry, wanted to add: just like bagaholic mentions that she likes her soho flap because it goes right under the arm, that's how all of the pouches are too. I would recommend anything that goes right under the armpit since it will be small enough so you're not bumping into people and also, you can keep your stuff safer than having a purse.
  8. I think either a wristlet or one of the little demi pouches would be good for nights out. I always use my wristlets or a clutch because it holds the essentials and I can just slide it on my wrist and still be somewhat hands free.
  9. i'm 22, i'd definitely prefer a wristlet or a clutch or some type of demi purse. that's the way to go. to me, the swingpack is more for the daytime, for daytrips where you want to have both hands free. but for a night out, something small and cute like a wristlet or demi for sure.
  10. I'm 19, but I use wristlets or demi's for nights out. The pouches would probably work well too.
  11. Aww that's so sweet of you to get her something! I'd definitely go with a large wristlet - those are perfect for nights out =D I usually see younger girls with swingpacks so I wouldn't go for one of those (although everyone has different tastes so if you think that's what your SD would really like then go for it!)
  12. K - so no swing pack:smile: Now I'll just have to narrow it down between the smallest purses & larger wristlets.... and there's quite a selection. Thanks for all your ideas!
  13. Wristlet! I have a legacy wristlet I use a lot, and I get lots of compliments also. The legacy wristlets are nice because they have the little pocket in the front so you can keep your cash and cards separate from your phone, lipgloss, etc.
  14. I vote for the pouches... I like something to put on my shoulder but it has to be somewhat flat or it gets uncomfortable. OOOH and also easy to clean- I once had an electric blue drink spilled on my bag at a club... it seriously glowed in the dark. Creepy right?
  15. The Carly pouch is a great bag!