Question for the Diamond experts

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  1. I had a previous thread about a diamond ring my husband bought me at the Virgin Islands that I have yet to see. The truth is...this will be my first diamond so I had no clue what the four c's were until I started reading about it in this forum.

    I wish I had done my research before I sent my hubby off to buy me a diamond ring...This is the information I got about the ring:

    Carat: 3.0
    Clarity: VS2-SI1
    Color: H-1
    Cut: Princess cut

    For those of you that are experts about diamonds...please tell me what type of ring I'm getting. Will my ring be sparkly or not?

    I have attached a picture of the ring again.
  2. Another question...what does fancy style means.

    Thank you.
  3. i think the clarity is pretty good. what did it say about cut? ie good, fair? i think cut and clarity are most important, and the colour being a little on mid-range wont really affect the bling bling sparkle of the ring. plus, it is 3 cts so pretty darn big!
  4. The cut is the biggest factor in how sparkly your stones are.
    VS is probably referring to the 4 stones that make up your "center" stone and the SI stones are the ones on the band.
    H & I are very close in color and you will probably not be able to see the difference unless you are VERY color sensitive.
    Fancy style may refer to the actual cut of the diamonds.
  5. Very helpful information....thank you.
  6. to the OP- dont sweat this stuff so much. it looks like a beautiful ring, just relax and enjoy it! bet u cant wait for ur hubby to get home!

  7. Thanks for the're right..I am sweating this stuff too much. I'm sure my hubby did a good job picking out a ring that I have been waiting for for 19 years. Thanks
  8. Congratulations... it is a VERY nice ring!!!!:tup: I know how you feel. I recently found out my hubby is in the process of buying me the engagement ring that I never had. I bet you're pretty excited. I understand why you're anxious to know the details, it's something you've been waiting for, of course you want it to be just perfect :smile: But from the looks of your ring, it is perfect...
  9. Thank you...I wanted to be involved in the feels like everything just happened so fast...without even planning it...I don't think we ever discussed what type of ring I really wanted. He had the chance to go to St Thomas and there-- everything you buy is duty free and supposely cheaper so I told him to look around..didn't really think he was going to im really anxious to see what the ring looks like.

    Good luck with your ring.
  10. Yes, that was EXCELLENT advice!!!! I am somewhat of an expert, as my dh is a jeweller. Now, the truth is that like anything in life there is always better, and always worse. There is no limmit either to paying more for a diamond either. So for most people, there has to be a cuttoff point where it is just not worth paying any more for a sparkly stone!!!!!

    My personal experience with diamonds is that once they are set, most of them are very forgiving of their faults, especially to the naked eye and when they are in a nice setting. One of the biggest things holding a diamond back is that the wearer doesnt keep it clean, that can make a world of difference. The other thing is, that unless you have two diamonds infront of you to compare and criticise, one by itself will almost always look great.....especially if its your first one!!!!! After all, most diamonds even faulty ones still deliver diamond happiness and bliss!!! There is still sparkle to be had, so dont worry about that!!!

    So really, enjoy the experience, your diamond stats are well within the normal range, no red flags here! Keep in mind that stats only tell us so much, each diamond is unique and Im sure your diamond ring will not dissappoint!