Question for the Chanel girls!

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  1. Can anyone explain to me why NM can display and sell Chanelbags through their catalogs, but not online? I wanted to look at everything they had after receiving a catalog with a few new Chanels pictured, but you can't find a link through the website, nor is Chanel listed under the designer index (except for the makeup). I'm just curious about this...any answers out there?
  2. Chanel doesn't allow anyone to sell online.
  3. I hate how you cant buy online! Someone should write a letter! They'd get so much more business if they did sell online.
  4. True, perhaps they are doing that to keep exclusivity and don't want EVERYONE knowing their prices?
  5. I love that they don't sell online:yes:
  6. But the weird part is that they DO sell through the NM catalog...I guess that goes out to a more limited group of buyers, but it just seems odd that you can get a Chanel bag through the NM website, using the catalog "Quick Order" but they're not listed as part of the store inventory on the website.
  7. chanel is a private company and they dont allow their stuff to sell online...I guess the best place to see the bag is the boutique...