Question for Thames GM owners - does it stand up on its own?

Apr 20, 2009
Sugar Land, TX
So, I'm considering one of three Damier Ebene bags - Neverful MM, Rivington GM (the one that looks like a "bowling bag" not the Cabas Rivington) or now perhaps the Thames GM. When the Thames GM has your items in it, does it stand on it's own or does it fall down? Thanks everyone!


Sep 26, 2007
Hi I have this bag and yes it does stand up on its own thats one of the reasons I brought it and its a lovley bag the first time I took it out someone commented saying it was a nice bag it looks great in the damier print I say go for it I have also heard that the cabas rivington bag has really hard straps but this bag is nice also anyway good luck with your choice.