Question for Teachers/TAs!!

  1. As this is my second week of teaching, I have a question!

    Does anyone know of any software (free software would be great!) that can help me keep track of attendance, homework and test scores of my students?

    I know I could always do an excel sheet, but I think with all of my students, plus 3 homework assignments a week, plus quiz, test and class participation scores, it'll be huge and all over the place.

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated!! TIA!
  2. Your school doesn't have Vista/Blackboard/Concourse??? Most big universities have some type of online programming for their profs. That is what I'm using.

    however...excel seems to be the tried and true method for a lot of the profs I've talked to! It can get unwieldy, but if you set up a lot of functions and have it calculate running totals as you add columns then it shouldn't be too bad!
  3. Hmmm, I know we have something called toolkit, I'll have to check that! I didn't even think of checking there! Thanks Twiggers!
  4. I personally thing Grade Machine or Grade Machine Pro would work great for what you want. You can do all those things on it.

    However, here's the problem.....I don't know if you could get your hands on the program.

    I don't know if you can buy it at i.e. Best Buy OR if you can download it off the net (a simple search could probably answer this question, but I haven't tried yet).

    I have it on my home computer and the one at school, but I got a CD of it from the TECH guy and brought it home and put it on my computer.

    Could you try asking some other teachers/ta's if they use it and have the cd. It DOES exist on CD, I've used it :p, but I don't know if the program is only sold to schools and then distributed through them. If so you could possibly go to a local hs and ask if they use it and would sell you a copy???

    Good Luck and I hope you find something that works for you!!!!!! :tup: