Question for Tano owners!! pocket crazy?

  1. I have a jetsetter and I have to say I find the inside slip pocket worthless. It's a chore to "slip" my cell phone into it. Plus, I think the inside zipper pocket is too long. It gets in the way of my bag. The jetsetter is older, so have there been any improvements? Is it because it's not a deep bag? I want to buy one of the crunch hobos, but with a toddler, I need pockets!! I love the look of the Tanos and the crunch leather seems durable for milk spills. Any suggestions? I have a purseket, but I find it cumbersome in a bag that isn't structured. I prefer slouchy bags! Do all of you just use lots of accessories? haha, this is really long - sorry!
  2. I don't find the pockets in Tanos as helpful as they could be. I'm like you and like really good pockets. I have the Tano Butane Jane which has a really big front pocket in addition to the inside pockets. It also has a crossover strap as well as two short straps and it holds everything. That might be a good bag for you. You can see it and others at and and Good luck.
  3. I have a Tano Miss Congeniality bag and it has LOTS of pockets, but I don't think they make the style any longer. I find the inside zipper pocket to be very convenient, actually. Because of how wide/large it is, when I leave it unzippered it is like having a divided inerior. The outside pockets are perfect for cell phone, keys and odds and ends.

    Ms. Fit, Centerfold and Comic Effect have a number of outside pockets you might find handy.
  4. Check out Tano's new Fall bag called Jane Reaction. It has 6 GREAT cargo pockets on the outside of the bag. Ideal for work, travel or even a diaper bag.:tup:

  5. ooo I really like that one- the design is really nice!
  6. I'm perfectly happy with the pockets in my butane jane. I think the cell phone pocket gets easier to use the more you use it, I had trouble at first too, but now my phone just pops right in. I use this bag for school, so to stay organized I have a $0.48 plastic rectangular case from walmart for pencils, post-its, etc, and my wallet, but that's really all I need. I suppose a make-up case would be great if I toted anything other than lipgloss. Also, although the bag was stiff when I got it, it's become wonderfully slouchy since then (didn't take too long either, about 2 weeks of sporadic use).

    I don't know that I agree with Violawas about the crossover strap though. I tried it on cross-body style and it's a bit too short for that, I would definitely call it a shoulder strap, not really meant for crossbody use. (I'm 5'6" and 105, so I don't think this is a size issue). Although, if you want to attach your own, longer strap it would work great.
  7. I just got the Rex and the Kitty and I think the pockets are great. It's got the inside zipper pocket and cellphone pocket, and on the outside it's got three squarish pockets with magnetic closings and one long zipper pocket that I'm using for pens. And the crossover strap is adjustable and awesome. I love it! :tup:
  8. I have a jettsetter and agree the cell pocket inside was a bit akward for my phone. I just slipped it into on of the outside pockets in front or sometimes the big one in back. I like the big inside pocket inside, I tend to keep a lot of receipts in there and I like that the paper doesn't get stuck when I'm in a hurry and zippering it up. I am using the queen opera which is about the size of the jettsetter but had really cool pockets all around. Two zip, two are open and on each side of the bag (of the main compartment) are two extra sides that snap close. I put my cell phone in there... ilt's made of the crackle leather so does take some getting used to. I just bought a boogie bucket (supposed to be for XMAS) and I'll see how that one is when I get to use it. It is made from the crunch leather and seems awesome for those "spills". That's what I'm looking forward to using since I have three little ones.
  9. I agree the strap is a little short for crossbody. I did put a longer strap from another bag on the Butane Jane but it is a great bag nevertheless.
  10. I only have one Tano bag at this time...the Boogie Bucket. I don't stash a lot of stuff into pockets, really, so the one big zip pocket inside the bag is really more than I need.

    The cell phone pocket is not lined or finished out in any way which, intially, kind of bothered me. But I have a Razr and, much to my surprise, it fits it perfectly. Once I slid the phone in and out of the pocket two or three times it's like it was made for the phone. I have a Coach lanyard on the phone that I leave dangling out and when my phone rings it's super easy to snag it out of the bag.