Question for t & b mini pochette owners!

  1. Hey ladies, I wanna get a t & b mini pochette to use as a clutch, does it carry much? Also it seems to me a little hefty to pay for such a tiny purse but then again it is a limited edition..TIA!!
  2. i use it for my cards, some cash and my blackberry pearl. its a pretty good size!
  3. Right now I am using it to hold my Ipod Video and Earphone Case. When I use it to "go out" I throw my cles with some bills and cards and my cell phone in it.

    It's a cute bag. If you're going to get is snatch it up before it is gone.
  4. It is an adorable evening bag! It easily holds my iPhone, cles w/keys, bills and cards, lipstick and liner, tissues, etc. I say definitely get one!
  5. Is it limited?
  6. It's a great li'l thing. When I go out, I sling it through my belt straps and it fits my phone, credit cards and keys. You can also use it as a wristlet. It's for those times that you don't want to carry a big bag with you. Goodluck and I hope you get it!:tup:
  7. I don't have the T&B one but I do have the regular mono one which is the same size. I plan on using it for school (when school starts) and I can fit my cles (with cards, cash and change inside) and keys, cellphone, lipgloss and eyedrops inside.
  8. Yes
  9. Thanks for your responses! I ordered it!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: (too bad they didn't have it when it was free shipping)
  10. I just bought one today and I find that it actually holds more that I thought it would. It's such a cute little bag!
  11. I have the T&B mini. I carry my cell, DL, CC, lip gloss and money in it.
  12. yay!! congrats!
    i wanna get it too!
  13. Congrats!
    I'd like to get one but I really wouldn't have any use for it. :push:
  14. i also think this is a cute bag....just worried i wont use it since its so small
  15. agree...i also think its a cute bag