Question for Swanky and other diamond experts

  1. Hey there,

    I'm directing this post to Swanky because I know she recently bought a diamond ring near my specs but everyone should feel free to comment.

    My boyfriend and I are looking for an enagement ring in the 3ct neighborhood (give or take a few depending on the other specs) and we have a budget in mind (at or under 30K for the diamond). I understand that we may not have budgeted enough considering the fact that we want as close to a 3ct as possible but that's where ya'll come in :yes:

    Within these two parameters (ct size and price) what is the best that we can get? We don't have many b&m (bricks & mortar) stores near us so we've been looking on bluenile.

    Any help would be very greatly appreciated! I want sparkle and dazzle but I'm just not konwledgable enough to know which combinations of cut, color, and clairity make up sparkle and dazzle :shame:
  2. I'll come back to this in a while when I have more time!:yes:
  3. I'll do a quick search for you, but I'm guessing before I do that $30k is a little low for an ideal cut and cut is king. W/O a fanastic cut your diamond will have less personality, sparkle and scintillation and no one wants a nice big stone that's dull.
    . . . brb
  4. here's a few I found that should perform well:

    you can go larger, but the bigger you get in this price range, the less your diamond will perform. I'd prefer any of those I posted over a full 3 carat of lesser quality.
  5. as far as color and clarity. . .
    you can go to SI1 and never see anything w/ your eyes, which is what matters *to me*. I mean, who carries a loupe w/ them to try and find the inclusions? No one, so why not go to SI1 since it looks like a VS1 w/ human eyes. . . this allows you a slightly bigger stone.
    The next thing that allows you a bigger stone is sliding down on color.
    Most people think you can see color in a H, I or J ring, but if it's ideal cut, like the ones I listed you will likely not notice any warmth at all. You definitely will not from looking at it head on.
    I've posted K color stones here in the 5+ carat range that are pure white:yes:
  6. I noticed that Swanky recommended a diamond from Whiteflash. I have purchased from them before and I highly recommend them! I think that you will get the most bling for your buck by purchasing "on line" versus a B&M store. Good luck and make sure to post pics!
  7. I'd go smaller on the ct side to get a more superior cut and color if those are your main concerns. I differ from Swanky on one thing. I've never seen a K stone that looks white (I've worked in jewelery), especially in a higher ct weight. K color stones are frequently set in yellow gold to look whiter comparatively speaking against yellow metal. Your best bet is seeing diamonds in person. The best diamond for you is the one you find to be beautiful, and not just the best one on paper.
  8. K color 5 carat round

    L color 5.87 emerald

    M color round brilliant 4.46

    the difference is likely that EGL certified stones can be up to colors lower than the cert says. GIA is more reliable.
    Here's where I found those photos:
  9. While I completely agree with Swanky that there are high colored stones out there that face up white, the pictures she posted don't really prove it. It is a professional picture, of a diamond they are trying to sell, of course they are going to make it look gorgeous with lighting, positioning, etc.

    If you are going to choose a higher colored diamond, I think its best to see it in person, or buy from somewhere with a good return/exchange policy.

    Like everyone said, cut is most important, don't sacrifice there.
  10. To me, it would be more impressive to go for the 2 cts range to get a better H&A stone than a less impressive 3 cts.

    I'm looking to upgrade myself but to 2+ carats, not 3. From my research and shopping around different jewelers and even on the internet (though I'm only looking at DEF colors), a H&A 2 cts, VVS1 is like $35,000-$40,000. H&A 2 cts, VS1 is around the mid $20K to $30K. H&A 2 cts, SI1 is so much more affordable ranging $17K to $21K. I barely look into the 3 cts range, thinking it would be too overwhelming for my size 3.5 ring....more like 3.25 since my knuckle is bigger so my ring do turn. Some of the 3+ cts I glanced at were in the $40K-$50Ks, with the specs I had in mind....again they were DEF, so near colorless would be less pricey.

    It's really up to you, but I'd say go for the 2 cts. range for a more impressive stone. Stick with SI1 that is eye clean.
  11. Nowdays, everyone speak about cuts. I think that should be your first priority. Personally, I prefer H&A or as close as it gets to H&A, as some stone barely miss the perfect hearts and arrows to quality as H&A. Then, perhaps color, followed by clarity. See what the $30K can bring you, keeping in mind the following order: cut, color, clarity, then weight.
  12. absolutely, hopefully I wasn't interpreted as saying someone here should buy a K, L or M color stone. . . I was just trying to make a point and H or I is very acceptable.
    Obviously they'll take the best photos possible, but contrarily, they probably don't want people buying it and returning it because it's too warm.
    There's a thread on Pricescope of K stones and I think 99% of people here would be floored by how white those stones are in real life.
  13. thanks everyone for your response! I've had my heart set on a 3ct ring for some time now but I dont want a lifeless carbon rock on my finger either. I'll definitely take everyone's comments into conideration.

    what are you guy's take on the grading cuts on bluenile? We were looking at "very good" which bluenile also seems to recommend as an economical option.
  14. post a link or 2 that you saw there.
    You do get what you pay for though.
    If Bluenile is promising a fanatastic 3 crt stone for $30k. . . it's likely too good to be true.

    this one has an amazing cut, but the inclusions could be visible. . . wonder if they take calls/inquiries?

    This one has an even better cut but is a little smaller but is eye clean :biggrin: