Question for Suhali small ring agenda owners...

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  1. My dad got my mother a white Suhali small ring agenda today and after we left the boutique we went looking for a pen that would go well with it (and one that wasn't $200). We checked a few different places but all of the pens we found were too thick. We even went threw the "pen drawer" at their house and I even checked my pens at my place but they were all too thick to fit threw the hole.

    So, for those who own a Suhali small ring agenda what pen are you using? Also, the hole for the Suhali small ring agenda, is it the same size in the other small ring agendas? I'm thinking of getting myself a LV agenda and wondering if I'll have the same problem finding a pen that will fit.

  2. i think a small agenda is a small agenda? :smile: if so, grab a fisher space pen like i did! it'll set you back a whopping $8 :biggrin:
  3. Thank you ichelle. For $8 it can't hurt to give those a shot!
  4. no prob. mom's a lucky gal. what's the occasion?
  5. No occasion, my Dad's just a cool guy!! :yes: He also got her the white Suhali Lockit PM today :love: .... I'm a bit jealous....
  6. Wow! Your dad is so sweet to your mom.
  7. One of the tiffany purse pens is said to fit as well, tahts what I'm looking into.
  8. oh my your dad is awesome.

    hey aarti, is it this one?
    Tiffany & Co. | Item | Tiffany Blue purse pen. | United States
    tiffany pens are very lovely. however, most of them are silver and the hardware on most lv agendas is gold. i am anal about that! argh. i still need to find the perfect silver bag charm somewhere out there...
  10. Thanks for letting us know about the Fisher Space Pens.
    I'd just bought a blue and red one for my small agenda.