question for SUHALI L'AIMABLE owners - help!

  1. How much can you fit into those bags, are they practical shoulder bags? I'm eying a purple one on eBay... :nuts: I'm also considering the Mono Eugenie wallet but want to make sure it'll fit....or i'd go with the damier koala :yahoo:

    Also i'm eying the Suhali Le Confident as well but it's a tough decision...
  2. I wouldn't use this as a shoulder bag, unless you really don't carry much in your purse. The L'aimable is the size of a small evening bag. Both the koala and eugenie should fit in it, but I don't think you'll be able to fit much else inside of it other than your cell, lipgloss, keys, etc.

    If you look at my pics, I was able to fit in 2 thin wallets, my pomme flat envelope and a loewe wallet, plus my cell phone.

  3. Is there a model that's roomier?
  4. Maybe the Le Tal?
  5. i'm looking at the measurements on elux and it is :biggrin: AND there's a plum one on eBay :yahoo:
  6. Make sure that you put it on the authenticate thread and the experts there can let you know if it is real..Good luck on your quest..
  7. done! :smile:

    thank you! :biggrin: