Question for suede handbag owners???

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  1. I can't remember the last time I owned a suede handbag. I usually prefer yummy leather. But, lately my eye has been drawn to some truly gorgeous suede bags:yes: Especially one of the Coach bordeaux satchels I saw recently.....!! Some of the suede colors are really wonderful.

    Before I take the plunge......what are some of the issues that you have experienced? My thoughts would be that they would stain easily and possibly fade. Are they hard to keep clean?
  2. I only have two items with suede - the Kid's Collection signature backpack with pink suede and the matching suede wristlet. I take really good care of my bags, but the edges of the pink suede still got dirty and faded. I have the Coach suede eraser and brush, but it didn't really work.

    I'm sure it'd be a little better if the suede was a dark color when it comes to the "getting dirty" part...
  3. I bought a suede bordeaux hobo last summer when they first came out (the outlets have them now) and I haven't really had any problems. One of the girls at a Coach store gave me a different brush to use, one that was a little gentler than the ones they come with and used that to brush the bag. The edges are a little darker than when i first used it but the bag still looks great and I plan on using it again this fall. Make sure you try to keep it out of the rain though.
  4. Darker colors definitely weather better and ditto on the softer brush. The one that comes with the little care kit is brutal! I have two patchwork bags with suede pieces and the light colors start showing dust/dirt almost immediately.
  5. I have a bag w/suede on the It's o.k..I just watch where I place it down. I just love the suede bags..I asked about this too, recently, but given the replies I don't think I would buy a wristlet, I would! You could use it in your purse, and most likely wouldn't use it on your wrist that often...then you could satisfy your desire for suede!:rolleyes:
  6. Thanks everyone for the advice!!! I think I will take CC's advice and start with a suede wristlet and see how it goes!!!!! I know if I get something that I have to baby to death then it will just sit in my closet:sad: This way I will find out.
    Thanks again all!!
  7. I have had the worst luck with my suede things. I just spilled tea on a writstlet yesterday and totally ruined it. It turns out they are simply too high maintenance for me. :sad: If you do decide to get one, a suede brush is always a great idea, I actually carry mine around in my Chelsea satchel in case I do something stupid and get it dirty.
  8. I have a suede satchel, it seems to be holding up pretty good to dirt and every day wear and tear, but I cut my finger the other day and didn't even know it and got blood on the top by the zipper, AND IT WONT COME OFF!!!