Question for Stella owners: shoulder strap pulling?

  1. So I took my Stella out today for her maiden voyage, and I noticed that the shoulder straps really pull at the leather on the bag. :sad: Is this normal? I don't even have that much stuff in the bag! Just my wallet, checkbook, cell phone, iPod, and some lipgloss.

    Here are some can see what I mean:


    What do you guys think? I was at Nordstrom today and spoke to the manager of the handbag department; she says they send their bags to "The Bag Doc" and that he works for Marc Jacobs doing repairs and such. I asked her if he could repair that part of the bag and find a way to secure the straps so that they don't pull like that.

    Have you guys ever seen this before? I'm SO bummed! I can't carry her until it's fixed, because I don't want it to get worse. I think it looks's all saggy and pulling on the pretty leather. :crybaby:

    Dammit. :hysteric:

    Opinions? Advice? Should I send it to the Bag Doc?
  2. Mine don't do that. Could you possibly change where the buckle is set and see if that makes a difference?
  3. ^^I tried that (my husband suggested it earlier) and didn't make a difference. I've looked at a few other (authentic) Stellas and I've noticed that the leather does pull a bit...just not to this degree. I'm PEEVED!!!
  4. I don't blame you, a bit! Send it into the Bag Doc. Now, does he talk to you about what he is going to do beforehand, or does he just fix it and send it back? I wonder what they'd do to fix that.
  5. Well I'm thinking he could tack the straps all the way through the leather to give it more stability. Gah. I'm pissed...this is a really bad functional design error.
  6. Hmmm... I have two Stellas, and mine don't do that.
  7. Crap! I didn't see that... i would def complain to the seller too, since she didn't say that in her auction. She should pay for the repair cost, IMO! I hope you can work this out!!!
  8. thithi -- I'm not too worried about her paying for the repair; I just want it fixed. I mean, I'm glad the bag is authentic and in good condition; if she got this bag from someone else (like she didn't carry it herself), she may not have noticed the pulling on the straps. And I know I'm picky. :lol:

    So do you think I should go ahead and send it in to the Bag Doc? The SA said his prices are really reasonable...and I'm hoping that he can repair the pulling and reinforce the area. I don't mind paying for it, I just want the bag to look good.
  9. Send it. It will just drive you nuts, if you don't. I bet he can fix it. How long do the repairs take, typically?
  10. Hm.. that's weird. None of my stellas do that. Maybe it's because the leather is REALLY soft? which is appears that way/
  11. I have two Stellas, too, and neither of them do that. Definitely get it fixed before the leather tears!!
  12. :amazed: Oh no, MPJ! I'm so sad for your bag!!! :cry: I've never had or seen another Stella with this weird sagging problem. :hrmm: Almost looks like the leather is all stretched the previous owner used it to haul around something really a bowling ball, or rocks, or something! :wtf: This has to be unbelievably infuriating, and so upsetting!! I'm so sorry MPJ!!!

    How will this handbag doctor guy fix this problem, I wonder? I don't think that stitching the straps to the bag would be a very good, it will bug the hell out of you that it's not properly mended. What a cunundrum!! :wtf:

    Now I feel lousy because I was cheerfully walking around town today with my Stella and thought about how much you were surely enjoying yours :crybaby: Let us know what you decide to do! This is NOT the type of thing that a worry wart enjoys enduring.
  13. ^ I wonder if the previous owner carried around a bowling ball or two in that poor Stella! I agree, she must have used it for heavy duty stuff.

    Definitely call up Bag Doc and have them give you an estimate and description of the repair.

    But if he can't do anything, I think you should let that seller know before it gets too late!
  14. Yeah, maybe the previous owner used Stella in a rock-relocating business? :lol:

    What I'm going to do is drive back down to Bethesda tomorrow and take the bag in to Nordstrom. I'll have them send it to the Bag Doc, and hopefully he can somehow strengthen the straps or restitch the part where the buckle is attached to the bag. There's about a 2 week turnaround time, the manager said.

    The leather up there is REALLY soft; it's definitely been loved. I think I'm going to have him clean Stella up and basically ask him to make her look like new.

    Don't feel too badly for me, guys! I'm a little bit bummed, but these things happen. I think eBay is such a crap shoot and my main concern is that she's authentic, so if that's the case, then I can deal with this and get her back and enjoy her completely.

    Hopefully the Bag Doc will be able to fix her up nicely; the handbag department manager said he's worked magic in the past! She also mentioned that she has a coach bag that had the same problem as my Stella and he was able to fix it for her; she had carried around books in hers (as a school bag) and the straps were sagging, and he somehow fixed them for her. I guess he works magic. :lol:

    Thanks for helping me decide! I'll take her in on Monday and let you guys know what happens. I think they send it in to him and then he'll call me, or I'll get his number from the SA, so I can explain it to him fully.
  15. Great, I hoping for the best! I think Bag Doc will take care of your problem, if not then at least make her look brand spanking new!! I def wanted to keep posted on the results....