Question for stam owners

  1. Do yours have a small tag with a serial number (S0 16 or some such on it). I have been offered a gold stam at a discount, but am leery of it as neither of my other MJs have such an ID #...I havent seen the bag in person yet, but dont want to take it any further if hat detail is dodgy. Thanks!
  2. i know details of mj bags vary by season, but my fall 05 stam does have a serial tag sewn into the interior pocket.

    could you perhaps ask the person who is selling you this bag for photos? the details you should pay most attention to are the back of the zipperheads (they should be riri with a rounded head), engravings on the pushlocks and zipperpulls, any nameplates or stamps, closeups of the leather/stitching, and the serial tag itself. then you can post it in the authenticate this thread, and we'll be able to help you determine whether or not it's real. hth!