Question for Stam mommies

  1. I was recently admiring a blush (i think that's what the color is called -- not sure though, the creamish slightly pinkish color?) stam in patent leather that a friend was carrying and all of a sudden REALLY wanted one :blush: (although I know it's fallen out of the "it" bag scene... but really. who cares.. as long as it makes me happy :smile: )

    Anyways, my question is "is the stam really heavy?" I had previously owned a stella and gave her up because she was just too stressful on my shoulders to carry around all day. I know Marc Jacobs' bags tend to be on the heavier side because of the material, the hardware, etc. and was wondering how heavy/tolerable the weight factor is.

    Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. jeannie77, I think the color you mentioned indeed called blush. Oh I love that color!! :love: I was thinking whether to get my Stam in putty or blush. I decided to get it in putty. Unfortunately blush is one of the colors that's pretty much impossible to find right now. Maybe if you're lucky you will see one on eBay. Any current season color that you like?

    The bad news, if you think Stella is heavy then you probably will think the same for Stam. It's pretty heavy but I guess I'm used to carrying MJ bags. I think it's about 3 pounds something with the chain. It's detachable though so you can just carry it as a handbag. Not much as a shoulder bag, unless your arms are pretty small. I usually find it more comfortable as a hand bag or carry it on my forearm. Why don't you go to a MJ store or dept store like Neiman/Saks and try them on?

    I hope this helps and good luck!!
  3. thanks for the info! :smile:
    btw, what are the current season colors? (sorry...i've been out of the bag scene for a while :sad:)
  4. I wanna buy MJ black stam back........however do u know what's the leather color for the interior? I saw interior of the stam on some site in eBay are red color... some are im very confuse.....
  5. I have no idea but I'm sure the ladies here can help you out! :smile:
  6. Every season he comes out with a Black and Ivory color, add'l colors for spring are Green, Cobalt, Natural, and Brown.
  7. I find the stam very heavy for everyday use but I always get comments on mine. I had black and chestnut but I gave them away. I currently own a mouse one because I love the color. The last time the bag made an appearnce was November lol
  8. ^ Gave them away?!? Where the heck was I???:p
  9. LOL...:roflmfao:
  10. snoeys, the early season of Stam (2005) came out in burgundy/wine suede lining with antique hardwares and the later season for Stam (2006) came out with white/ivory canvas lining with shiny gold hardwares. 2007 black Stam is still lined with canvas but they're black/grey-ish color with shiny gold hardwares. For current color you can take a look at this link:

    I hope this helps! ;)
  11. The stam bag is a heavy bag, I also have a stella but I think it's pretty light especially comparing to the stam; however, I still love mine to bits!!!
  12. stam bag really is a heavy bag. with the bag that size, i tend to carry lots of things in it too. sometimes, my boyfriend helps me carry the bag, and he complains about its weight. LOL.
    nevertheless, i do love my black stam bag very much. in fact, it's my very first mj bag =)
  13. Thanks for all the advice! I've decided against it since I just can't deal with heavier bags (although I still think it's gorgeous!). :smile:
  14. The stam is quite heavy, but when you love a bag you ignore its heaviness!!!
  15. I agree...the Stam is heavy. But I don't seem to care! Maybe because I'm used to carrying my work bag and/or a diaper bag plus a toddler--it doesn't bother me. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it looks...classic but funky. I will be carrying this bag for years to come. I usually wear it in the crook of my arm, but I have also carried it in my hand, worn the shoulder chain, and shoved my arm through the handles. I find it very versatile. But everyone is different--you don't want to be uncomfortable! You should be over-pleased in every way with a bag for this price tag. I hope you find what you're looking for!