Question for Speedy owners

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  1. Being the new owner of the Damier Speedy 25, please tell me, do you keep the lock attached to the bag? Is it meant to hang off the little flap beneath the zipper?
  2. I personally like the way it looks so I keep mine attached. I think it's a personal preference! :yes:
  3. I leave all my locks attached on the leaf and hang the keys on D ring inside the bags.
  4. Michele, I agree with you...but being a new Speedy owner I wanted to "do it right"!
  5. I leave mine hanging on the tab. :yes:
  6. If you're carrying a Speedy you're already doing it "right"! :graucho:
  7. There are a couple topics on this and I don't think there really is a "right" way. It's just a matter of preference..I keep the keys in the lock (since they can be removed from the jump ring) and attach the lock to the tab. I like the slight noise it makes when I walk :yes:
  8. has anyone lost the keys by leaving them in the lock all the time?
  9. I never have..I always make sure they're there and that ring always stays tight, so I haven't had a problem.
  10. When I left the lock on my Speedy for a while it seemed like it was weighing the tab down and slightly stretching out the little hole that was cut for the lock. So I just decided to keep it on the D ring on the inside. :shrugs:
  11. Yeah mine was stretching it out and kind of discoloring the leather, so I took it off. I've kept the lock on my damier speedy though
  12. I just leave the lock on the tab. I keep the keys elsewhere.
  13. I leave the lock on the tab because it is so cute. I have a weakness for locks. I keep the keys in my jewelry box for now. I'll take them when I go travelling.
  14. I like the way the lock looks on the bag, so I leave it on. The keys are on my keychain
  15. I leave the lock on the tab, but I keep the keys in a LV box at home that also holds all of my LV receipts. I don't like the look of the keys attached to the lock.