Question for speedy owners

  1. Ok, so I finally got my speedy damier 30. I am not happy at all with their service. ( I bought mine at the LV at Harrods-ground floor) The salesperson was rude:cursing:, not 1 but practically all of them. :tdown:

    So, I asked for a box for my bag, but they said they dont have any. So, speedy owners, do you get a box with your speedy? Or does it just come with its dustbag? I am asking cuz I know some of you have the box. :confused1:

    Please let me know. Thanks.
  2. When I ordered mine it was sent in a box. I'm sorry you had a bad service :sad:
  3. i had to ask for a box. try going to another store and asking for a box and explaininf harrods didnt have any.
  4. mine came with a box, dustbag etc...
  5. I had to ask for a box...
  6. i bought my speedy azur at the lv store in wynn las vegas. they tried to send it home in a brown envelope/bag, but i said i preferred a box and they gave me one. sorry to hear that.
  7. When I purchased my damier I was asked if I wanted it wrapped in the box. I never had to ask. Sorry you experienced bad service.
  8. They should've given you a box. Sorry to hear about the poor service - enjoy your new LV though!
  9. That's why I always ordered through elux, b/c I wait til there is a free shipping, and unless you live in CA there's no sales tax. You should always get an LV box with your handbags, esp. a speedy.
  10. Thats shocking about bad service at Harrods! Normally anytime I buy a bag, it always is placed in some sort of fold-down or hard-sided box, so they should have at least done that. I have too many boxes as it is, that now whenever I buy a new bag, I refuse the box. Sorry you got poor service. Shame on them !!!!!
  11. sorry that you had terrible service. i've gotten boxes for all my LV purchases. a box isn't necessary though, my mom just likes to store her craft items in them. as long as you get a dustbag its good enough. but still, you should receive one when you ask for one.
  12. I got one of those paper tote things, and of course the dustbag, with my speedy :sad: I forgot to ask for a box!
  13. Oh i've always thought you do get a box with whatever LV you purchase! I've notice from everyone's post here that even th smallest items come in a box...I'm sorry for the poor service you got...
  14. I just got my Azur speedy today at LV Bloor St., and I didn't get a box either since the SA told me that she didn't have big box. I don't know how true it is.
  15. eeeek... What kind of service is that! I sometimes feel that some of those SA's must feel that just because they work at 'LV' they can be rude and snobby to their customers.. But you know what, they are just 'SA's'! :push:

    To answer your Question , yes I got a box with mine, but it was in a smaller (not fold-able) box because they flattened mine :smile: