Question for Signature Stripe Tote Owners...

  1. I am looking into getting a carry-all bag and am wondering if the smaller Sig Stripe Tote will hold enough for a day-trip/carry-on(i.e.: large planner, magazines, etc...) or if I should go with the LARGE (10125)? I am looking to purchase this on eBay...what's a good price? Also, any of you who have the white stripe...does it get dirty too easily? Should I go for the blue one instead...I think it's really pretty (the large is on eBay BIN for $230 - is that a good price)!!! I would LOVE to get the PUNCH stripe, but they are going for ridiculous amounts on eBay!!! Thanks for your input!!:p
    blue stripe.jpg white stripe.jpg
  2. the blue is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL in person!

    I'm torn between the two sizes myself...I'm actually leaning towards the small there is only ONE interior pocket (meaning everything will end up at the bottom)...and I will have to dig for stuff...and I don't wanna dig in a big bag.

    but if you are using it for like a day-bag/travel thing..the larger would be perfect I think. (the actual Travel bag, one size bigger than 10125 is could fit a small child in it!)
  3. True...I don't like to dig, either. I do LOVE the you think it is a year-round color or just for spring/summer? From the completed items listings it looks like the $230 is a pretty fair/good deal. Hmmmm?!?!? :rolleyes: I think I'll think about it. Any other ideas for carry-all type bags? I am open to suggestions!! - just want something I can carry that stuff in that isn't too hard to get in and out of - Carly? Sig Stripe? Satchel?
  4. I think the blue is pretty year round...more year round, IMO, than the punch or the pale blue.

    I'm not a fan of the carly...but that does have a zip top if that's what you want.

    satchel doesn't fit on your shoulder that well, IMO

    shoulder bag is nice...more expensive than the tote of course...but you can fit alot in there.

    I'm also debating what a good price is on eBay...don't want to pay much over retail either...
  5. Exactly...I don't want to pay over retail (at all, really)...would rather get a GOOD DEAL!! I am seriously considering the blue sig stripe. I wonder if they'll have any of the smaller size on ebay?!?! That would probably be ideal. looks like, if there are any, they are going for about the same price as the larger one. I wonder if these are ever at the outlets!?!?
    Thank you for all of the info. on the different styles.
    Good luck on YOUR decision, too!!:p
  6. you're right...there are ALOT of 10125s out there...not so many 10124s. And they are going for about the same price...which is why I MAY end up with the larger one.

    I never saw these at the outlets personally...but I have seen a few on ebay with outlet stamps.

    (we got so spoiled on ebay with our legacy steals, eh? heheh)

    idealy I'd like to pay under $250 I think...for either size.
  7. OH YES!!! Our Legacy bags were the BEST PURCHASES EVER!!! I absolutely LOVE mine - I get all giddy every time I pick it up to put it on my shoulder :yahoo: HeeHee!
    Sounds like you and I may end up with the same bag!! :smile: I think it's a good choice. We'll see...I'll decide today (I hope!) The one I am looking at is a BIN for $229.99.
    Happy Hunting/Shopping!!!
  8. i say go large....i had the same delimma....since i didn't know what size to buy but i can fit everything in my larger tote instead of the smaller...
  9. With the things you listed that you want to carry, I would def. go LARGE. It's the size I have and I don't think you could get all you want to carry in the small. Plus if you're like me, I always end up carrying around extra stuff or I go shopping and shove things into my bag, so a tiny bit of extra room never hurts!!!!!! :p
  10. i say go large. my best friend has the large and magazines definately would fit in it. actually when she was over the other day, i had to look at the creed for the style # while she was in the bathroom to figure out whether it was the regular or large. (was trying to compare sizes to the carly). it's smaller than i thought a "large" would be.
  11. I just ordered the small (10124) in Crimson from Coach-- it's getting delivered tomorrow or Friday! *Squeal!* The blue is gorgeous though, and $230 is a great price for the large tote as they retail at $298. The Punch ones on E-Bay are RIDICULOUS. I saw one for $364 yesterday that never sold and I was GLAD. It's not fair to charge that much, IMO.
  12. I purchased a multi-function tote for just this purchse. They come in two sizes as well 10079 and 10080 (the size I have). They are available at the outlets in signature, but also come in leather. They have wider straps, outside pockets, and a zipper. Signature is not too heavy and can be carried on your shoulder. Here is the drilldown. I love this bag!
  13. Wow...I'm over 100 posts!
  14. I have both sizes, and find that even though I tend to go for larger bags, I do like the smaller size. I can fit a magazine and such in there. However when I go to FL, I am using my larger tote...I want to be able to stuff a bit more in there, like a Pashmina and some food and a magazine and a book and an iPod, etc.

    Here's my large tote (parchment):


    Here's the medium tote:

  15. that blue is GORGEOUS! and I don't usually like blue, but that is awesome. I dont remember is being in the stores, when was it?