Question for shoe lovers

  1. I was away on holidays last week. I usually never wear summer flip flop etc only on holidays. But this year I found they kept cutting my feet between my toes and back heel and I found it hard to walk in most shoes all week. Which was really awful. Is there any good summer sandals out there that are comfortable to wear nearly all night or day. or any ideas how to stop them hurting me. than;)ks:heart:
  2. Born makes really comfy flip flops/sandals.
  3. This sounds dorky, but Land's End has really really comfy flip flops with a nice footbed and they feel great.
  4. I wear birkenstocks a lot :p
  5. I have the Tory Burch Ali sandals and even though they are a thong, I find them really comfortable. I have heard good things about Cole Haan G series shoes too. My sister has a few pairs of those. I also think Havaianas are nice for a flip flop.
  6. I can't wear flip-flops and never have been able to wear them. They keep "floping" (or is that "fliping"?) off my feet. Something about that little thingy between the toes, I think.
  7. I like reefs. They are super comfortable and I wear them all the time esp to class.
  8. thansk everyone I'll check them all out :smile:
  9. Reef flops are the best, IMO.
  10. The only pair of thong flip-flops I can think of that haven't been super uncomfortable for me are a pair of Manolos that I bought a few years ago. Most flip-flops cut between my toes and drive me nuts.

    Prada has some cute sandals in different styles. I have some that aren't flip-flops but are like a nylon and leather mix and I like them a lot. Also Cole Haan/Nike shoes are comfy.
  11. i love reef flip flops, never had a problem with them. I think I own 6 pairs.
  12. I like Old Navy flip flops.
  13. i love reef's too! i always carry a pair in my bag :smile:
  14. cheeky - I don't wear flip flops so I can't make any recommendations for any similar style, but you should try the band-aid blister block stick with your flip flops. I used it today with a new pair of shoes and I would normally expect to have blisters by the end of the day, but my feet are actually fine tonight. So perhaps if you use the blister block stick, it will prevent the rubbing in between your toes so that they will be more comfortable.
  15. Lol the crocs. But it doesnt have to be the ugly ones!


    These are cute and I'm sure they're comfy too!