Question for Selma ladies.....

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Do you ladies keep your strap on your Selma?

  1. Do you keep the strap on your handbag for easy carrying?

  2. Do you take the strap off and keep your bag hand held?

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  1. Do you ladies wear your Selma with the strap attached for easy hands-free, or do you use your bag strictly on your arm or in hand?
  2. I have two small kids so usually I need my hand and I wear it with the strap while out shopping and what not. If I go out to eat or if I am out without the kids, I hold it my hand by the smaller handles.
  3. I usually carry it by the smaller handles on my hand. I find that i like how it looks best when holding it by my hand or on my arm. I keep the straps attached on when I need my hands free though!
  4. I agree it think it does look better when you hold it by the small handles. I still wear the strap though when I need to ! I usually just leave it attached even if I am holding it by the handles
  5. I try to use the short handles although I always keep the long strap because I like being hands free. I saw one review where the stitches below the attachment of the long handles started to tear and that scared me! So I try to at least switch back and forth.
  6. Like most others, I try to use it as a satchel but keep the strap on and use when needed. It's a nice convenience.