Question for sellers... have you noticed

  1. in recent auctions that you are getting questions from bidders that are just downright RUDE?

    This is the first time I've noticed this and it's BAD. Maybe there is a planetary alignment right now that is off, but this week in particular it's been BAD, at least for me.

    The questions are rude and also many of the rude questions are about things that are clearly spelled out in the auction descriptions, which the bidders don't read.

    I don't understand this dynamic!? Or has it always been there and I just haven't noticed till now?
  2. Gee I thought it was just me thinking that! I noticed a BIG change when I started to sell off my bags. I think because when someone buys a high end bag on ebay they are nervous and hesitant. I bet I may come across the same way when I'm asking questions. Its certainly not my intent. And I have had many buyers who were downright rude to me win my items and for some reason I thought they would leave me a neg feedback for no reason. But then they would thank me profusely and leave great feedback...I have had some people be so mean that I block them from bidding on my stuff.
  3. No, I think you are just noticing. I have had the same problem.
  4. Thanks for the feedback ladies. I have a couple auctions running that end soon and I will be relieved when they do. Some of these people are just bullies when they ask questions so it will be a relief to have the stuff sold.
  5. I always get a certain amount of rude people when I list my bags. I had one 0 feedback bidder send me a question that said "Are you really a ***** or does it just come across that way in your listing" I was like WTF?! I say Please & Thank you all through my listing. I've been selling for a long time & always have my auction terms "right there in your face" from many people in the past not reading them before bidding. I also stated "no 0 feedback bidders" (which is why she got mad probably) I wasn't always that way (hey, we all started out there..) but after a string of deadbeat bidders, all new, I did it to protect myself. It's one thing to have non-payment on a $10.00 pair of pants but on a $800 bag, I get a bit testy!
  6. OMG!! Acegirl- I think I would have died!!
  7. Wow, I never knew bidders can be so rude! Whenever I have a question, I always try to be nice and polite to the sellers. So far I've had pretty good transactions except from one seller...when I asked her about the authenticity of an item, she blatantly put the font in really bright yellow (which she knew was difficult to read) and said, "If you read my auction thoroughly, you will see I guarantee the authenticity of all my items." I was so angry at that response, but then I should've known because she has a history of giving retaliatory feedback (giving negs/neutrals even to people who give her positives).
  8. I think unfortunately eBay has become a feeding frenzy. I attribute this partly to the scourge of scammers and counterfeits being sold there. Its not what it used to be. I've cleared out quite a few things so thankfully I won't have to sell anything there again for a while. Its rapidly becoming NOT WORTH IT in terms of the abuse, that's for sure!
  9. I emailed her back & said "People like you are the exact reason I no longer accept 0 feedback bidders. I have also reported you to Ebay for your nice email. Good day." :devil:

    I'm always nice when I respond to questions unless the person is trying to be a butthead. Then I will throw it right back at them. I won't reduce myself to namecalling or anything nasty though.

    Roo- I agree, Ebay has become "not worth it" for me too. All the paypal issues have gotten me irritated too. It's just a matter of time before I get burned so I'm not taking any more chances.
  10. Roo-- YES! I had one person email me following a Best Offer auction I had that told me, "You are a fool. I would have paid more for your bag...." blah blah blah. I emailed back and said that the person that won was really happy and I'd rather GIVE away the bag to a kind person than make more money from someone who would send a nasty message and call me names just because they could. I never got a response in return for that one :supacool: I also had one person submit a best offer for a Balenciaga, only to send me another message saying (in all caps) "I JUST SENT A OFFER BUT IF THIS IS THE SMALL SIZE I DON'T WANT IT SORRY" Uh, okay, can we say binding contract???

    And don't get me started about the whacko bully who totally manipulated and tormented me over a case of her buyer's remorse on a handbag. I've sworn off Ebay like 3 times, and I swear one of these days, I'm going to stick to that vow.
  11. Well, it happens. I get angry sometimes when people win my action and disappear for weeks. I hate it!
    A buyer won and I was waiting patiently for 11 days, then I send him second invoice and ask if he has any intentions to pay at all?? He replied-if I have a problem, I should call him and gave me his cell number. Why would I call? For what? To discuss MY problem? You won, next step-pay, get your package-end of story. Not so difficult, is it?
    I wrote him that if he's trying to avoid paying for his item, he should simply tell me that he changed his mind. Nicely. It makes difference, really. I'm human, I understand. I wouldn't rip off this person for $60 or something because he just can't pay and in the same time I wouldn't waste so much time waiting and thinking about that. Life is stressful enough.
    He paid immediately after this letter and left me great feedback.
  12. Let's see...ummmm...YES! I am SO tired of rude people you don't even know! I am liquidating most of my bags SO I DON'T have to deal with SO many quacks...:cursing:

    In the last two weeks I had one person ask "if I was on crack" and then another comment was "What kind of dumbass would sell a bag over the retail price!!"

    I mean, come on, that is just not necessary...I usually have to start my auctions higher b/c of all the fees involved...if people are willing to work with me...I will work with them on the price & payment methods etc!!!!

    What was so AMAZING is the BAG was SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE and they could not have purchased it if they is safe to assume I banned both those members!!!

    You know...we should actually start a separate thread for REALLY RUDE eBayers!!!

    What do you all think??
  13. I had a message from someone telling me that my £6 shipping charge (brand new shoes in the box) was too high and that £4 would be sufficient!
  14. I've never had a rude question while the auction was going on but some buyers turn rude regarding shipping times. I explain that shipping from Canada to the US can take up to three weeks even when I ship it expedited. I always get tracking to prove it is held up at the border...but some people expect it to be there the next day for paying $10 to ship.
  15. I had one lady actually call my home and ask where her item was after I already sent it. She was then complaing that I didn't answer her emails ( ebay sent them to the wrong address). She told me the item was beautiful and had the nerve to leave me a neutral feedback after I left her a positive.