Question for scarf collectors....

  1. I once saw a Hermes scarf that had tarot cards on it. I believe the scarf was called "Le Tarot". From what I understand, it is collectible. Any collectors out there who are familiar with this scarf and can tell me more about it?
  2. le tarot is an annie faivre design from 1991, reissued in 2003.


    there's also cartes e tarot by ledoux -- i think this is the one that's rare.

  3. Thanks soooo much dressage, it's the second scarf I've seen, but I had the name confused. It's so beautiful! :love:
  4. YESSSSSS!!!! I have a few of these, Annie FAivre is my favourite designer!!

    It is so beautiful in the pink! You can still get it at some stores, Roo.
  5. REALLY!!??? Where!??? :nuts:
  6. Sorry Roo - I was talking about the "Le Tarot" one......
  7. Does anyone know what the s/s 2007 scarf with jungle animals, butterflies and flowers all over it is called? It says "Au coeur de la vie" on it at the top and it's very colourful and vivid. Thanks!
  8. ^^^It's called Au Coeur de la Vie and is designed by Annie Faivre.

    It's a beauty, for sure!
  9. Cool, I didn't realize it was designed by Annie Faivre as well! I just got it yesterday and silly me, I didn't think to ask for the name of it. I was too dazzled by it, I guess!