Question for users......

  1. I have suddenly been afflicted with giant advertisements banners on my email main page, which is ATT/yahoo Sbcglobal.... It is VERY annoying and I have no idea wtf is going on. Both on the right and left, arranged all near my inbox and folders are ads to click on for various things....Anyone here experienced this sudden change? I appreciate any help or suggestions -- thanks!!!!:heart:
  2. I have an ad running down the right's been there for awhile though.
  3. Yea its on mine too but if you go into the "Beta" thing it goes away. Thankfully.

    I just read an article about how Yahoo started automaticalyl sending business emails to the spam folders so they can charge businesses to guarantee delivery. I will look for the link in my history. How lame is that?!
  4. I'm using the Beta and I still have the right hand ads.