question for SA's regarding PINK!!!!

  1. has anyone heard/seen anything new for summer that will be in pink????? i love the punch.. and purchased the sig stripe in wristlet and demi.
    just wondering if there will be more pink comming????
  2. Not that i've seen for a while (up until august)- they do suprise us sometimes though.
  3. actually the outlets that carry signature stuff has tons of pink!! Unfortunately they won't ship to you, you have to go to them.

    Not sure where you live but the two I know of and have seen pink stuff at was Santa Barbara and Barstow, CA.

    Oh and there was a PUNCH Reversible Tote at the regular Coach store in Santa Barbara and they do charge send!! It was the one at Le Cumbre Plaza.
  4. i want some hot pink stuff too!!!
  5. Me too! But, I don't want the Sig Stripe that much I'd rather have the signature c's in pink. I'm also hoping they'll come out with signature c's in white again. :s
  6. Did you see the goodies already on the website? Do a search for pink and a few things come up!
  7. they have the cute sribble ones at the outlets..