Question for SA's - PCE Ergo & Returns

  1. I've been reading that several of the girls that were denied the PCE on Ergo items were told to purchase something of the EXACT same value and exchange it for the Ergo when it hits stores.

    I have 2 questions:

    1.) Wouldn't this work with any item bought at the PCE? Since you don't have to have a receipt to make an exchange? As long as you spend as much or more at least or does it really have to match exactly, not a dollar more?

    2.) Can you see what a customer has bought before? And if it's been returned/exchanged? I was thinking about rebuying a bag I returned not too long ago and regretted the next day, can an SA see that I'm a moron and indecisive? That would also allow them to see that you bought the item your exchanging at the PCE.

    Ok thanks in advance ladies! I really want the Ergo, and the hubby says it's mine if they will do it at the 25% off. He's well trained enough to know a good deal when I point it out. :p

    I'm waiting for my box to get here to post my PCE goodies. I bought 4 things but only left the store with 1! :sad:
  2. good questions . . . i was thinking the same thing.

    can't wait to get answers
  3. Honestly, if you got the PCE discount on Item A- bring your receipt. It would be unethical to not bring it and lie about it.

    If you were to buy an item now w/ PCE it would have to be the same price to save the same amount. If you purchased a keychain and wanted a bag, you would only save the 10 dollars or whatever off of the bag and not the 25%. If you purchased something the same price or more- you would get to keep your 25% off the item you exchange for.
  4. That's what I was thinking, but then wouldn't it ring up as still owing 25%? Such as the $198 hobo (for simple math) -25% is $150ish when you return it, you'll get $150 off... and still owe $50, right? So then that doesn't work out. Unless I'm missunderstanding. :confused1: