Question for SAs on coupons (if you're not sick of answering them yet)

  1. I was wondering if I *might* be able to qualify for the next coupon event, or if my last big purchase was too distant time-wise. In late Sept., I bought my legacy wristlet and shoulder bag, and that amounted to over $500. Since then, I've bought a couple of charms, and I did just use a huge credit for a Carly bag and wallet (plus about $50 cash b/c I spent MORE than the credit :rolleyes: ), but everything has been done at different stores (although they definitely have me in the system b/c every time I've purchased something, they verify my name, etc.). Does that matter? Also, since the last big purchase was the credit, I figured that wouldn't count toward total for the coupons, but will that purchase in Sept. count? If I don't get one when they come out next, should I call the store where I made that purchase?

    Sorry if I'm asking too many questions (and if you guys are sick of answering them), but thanks in advance!
  2. I'm not a SA but I know the credit doesn't count but your big purchase in Sept. should. I think they do it coupon to coupon. As long as you gave them your info at the stores they should know how much you purchased. I hope that was alittle helpful.
  3. thanks pursefanatic!
  4. I think that who they send it out to is still a bit random--
  5. I thought it was random too.
  6. There are honestly no general qualifications for the preferred customer event. I wouldn't call the store though, we get calls daily about this and the answer is the same - We do not generate the list, corporate sends out the invites and they are a thank you to select customers. I've heard crazy things on here about "you have to spend 250$ at once to get it" but i've had customers who did that and were not on the list.

    There is no set qualifications for the event, it's really random. You will not even get one every time unless you are the top 2% of the stores business, which that list is very small. You could spend a grand on one trip and you may not get one or you could spend 100$ and get one, completely random!
  7. I hope my DH never hears this statistic -- I've been getting the coupons every time for over a year now, and if he found out that it could because I've spent That Much Money on Coach, well, it could get ugly around these parts. :P
  8. Hahah I am pretty sure the number is 2% but I know it's under 5 and my stores list is under 2 pages so it's f'real limited. Just buy him a briefcase next time and he won't say anything! haha

  9. The last time I was in the store (Sunday) I asked my SA about it, and she said she wasn't sure when, but that if we didn't get one, not to worry about it she would give us one. So I think it's good to establish a relationship with your SA. At my store we have two and if we are buying, we buy from one of them. And we always make it a point to stop in and say hi.
  10. I went to my store today and my favorite SA said that it might be Dec1-10. She said that if I don't get one. I should just go in. She's the best we picked out the items I should wait for. I just got two scarves today.
  11. Def. establish a good relationship! It can go a long way. Besides being the first person they may call when a bag you want comes in, they will also work their butt off to get you the one you really want. I have a list of clients who are loyal to me and I think they benefit from it as well :smile:
  12. aww..this is so not how it is at my store! we do have a handful of regulars but most of our customers are tourists. we are a tourist store afterall. lol. i can spot a singapore airline worker 89% of the time! my coworker has a guessing game b/c we all speak different languages so we get pple from china, tawian, austrilla, england, mexico, japan, singapore, thailand, korea, i could go on.

    however, we still get more then 2 pages of PCE customers, at least five to seven pages i'd say.

    i even found myself on one recently but of course, i'm disqualified.

    but it is exclusive, unlike gucci's presale (they notify the core customers about a sale before it becomes public-however, if you know of the sale they'll honor it anyways) coach won't let you get in on it unless you're on the list, or they may make an exception (in krispin's case i'll bet because they're such good customers). b/c now there's a card system, you are held accountable for the number of transactions that are PCE and it should match the number of cards unless it was a "beat the crowd" sale.

    but usually if you're not on the list. nope. and it's random and strange how they're picked out but i'm sure coporate has their reasons.
  13. only 2-5? If you're referring to my comment I was just talking about the beat the crowd/ top 2% customers. Our PCE normal list is over 50 or so pages, it's insane and we have to call everyone of them.