Question for SA's about PCE

  1. Hola everyone!
    Last PCE they wouldn't let me buy jewelry with my pce card and it was noted on there that the discount did exclude jewelry. This PCE card doesn't state any exclusions for jewelry, so will I really be able to use it? This seems rather simple but I just want to make sure I won't be disappointed when I go in there next week!!!
  2. Absolutely!
  3. My SA confirmed that this time around, the PCE discount can be used for jewelry purchases :tup:
  4. Thank you!!!
  5. it was excluded before, because it just came out and was in limited supply.
  6. What do you all think of the jewelry?
  7. I love the new bangles!
  8. looks and feels too cheap.

    i would put the PCE toward something better like ready to wear items
  9. I get lots of compliments on my daphne snaphead necklace, so I'm probably going to pick up a couple things next week. :smile: Can't afford Chanel joillerie yet so oh well!
  10. I want the thinner ocelot bangle :yes:
  11. Riding onto this Qn, what is the design I want for Carly is in Beet, website said its available from 12/20, will I be able to get this in Beet when stock arrives after the PCE? ie Pre Order and Advance Payment? Thanks