Question for San Francisco girls/guys ......

  1. Where do I shop ??? :nuts:

    OK, so DH are going for a long weekend but I HAVE to squeeze in a FEW hours of shopping :p Suggestions??

    also, anyone know about the Hotel, Tuscan Inn at Fisherman's Wharf??
  2. Lucky you! SF is great for shopping. If u have limited time, Union Square is a great place to start. Most of the designer boutiques are there - HUGE LV, Chanel of course:p gucci, ysl, ferragamo, bottega veneta, juicy, kate spade, Saks, NM, Bloomies, all within walking distance. Also, very close to Chinatown.

    Haight/Ashbury is good for trendy little on off boutiques, 2nd hand clothing shops, just a mish/mash of cool stuff.

    Just for starters, I'm sure some of the girls who live in SF know some treasures too.

    Good luck and have fun!
  3. You can catch a cable car from the wharf to Union Square, the shopping mecca of SF. You may want to check out The Galleria on 4th & Market if you have time. You will find Chanel at Neiman's & the boutique in Union Square. You are so lucky we are having great weather right now so it will be a fabulous weekend for you.
  4. Thank you!!!

    I am actually not going til April 21 so I hope you are still having great weather then!!!

    We really have no plans - except I want to shop LOL! - any other suggestions what to see/do?
  5. I would definitely check out all the "tourist spots". I only say this since I am a born & raised Bay Area girl and when I do these when family/friends visits it puts it all in back in perspective how great SF is. Sometimes you forget what is in your own backyard! SO I would drive over the Golden Gate Bridge maybe lunch in Tiburon or Sausalito, shop, Koit Tower, shop, Lombard Street, shop, Pier 39, shop, Ghiradelli Square, shop, Beach Blanket Babylon (play). You probably need one full day at Union Square & Galleria for shopping.
  6. Having lived in the city , and now visit frequently, I have to say my ultimate fun SF day consists of croissant and coffee at the cafe in Union Square, first stop is Saks on Post, next Chanel on Maiden Lane, lunch at the Rotunda in NM (make a reservation) and then shop the rest of the day at NMs. Have a late lunch, then go to a play at the Curran or A.C.T. theatres on Geary (I believe the Jersey Boys is still there) and finish up with a late supper. DIVINE!!! Get lots of sleep, because the next day you'll be in economic agony over how much $$$ you spent. :roflmfao:

    Tourist attractions are fun, but just remember what is truly! (Forget the shops at the Wharf..BORING)
  7. Thank you so much!! I cannot wait to go!