Question for Rouge VIF owners?

  1. What is the leather like on your bag? How is it wearing? Does it show every scratch?
  2. mine is buttery
    havent had problem so far
  3. Mine is gorgeious. Its actually the best of all the leathers in terms of softness and thickness. A lot of this years leather are thick, but stiffer (although I'm sure they'll break in nicely with wear).

    My RV Box has been soft and buttery since the get go. Her leather feels much softer than anything I've ever felt, but still somehow stands up to the chores of everyday life. It also helps that she was apple guarded too...
  4. My Rouge Vif City is one of the best bags I have got. The leather is thick and very smooshy. Handles and the bag have softened, but there is no darkening of the handles and it shows no sign of use. I love it!
  5. The leather is thick and smooshy, shallow-veined and overall fairly smooth. I am the bag's 3rd owner and there are no visible scratches that I can see. It's in fine shape!
  6. Is your leather matte? How often do you use it?
  7. Mine is in great condition. It's my prettiest bag!
  8. Smooth, free from veins, gorgeous!!!!
  9. Mine is smooth, thick and perfect!:love: I just got another complement on her leather yesterday!:tender: She gets more complements than any of my other bags!:shame: Good luck with your decision, Allisonfaye!:yes::heart:

    Here ae some pics of my beloved RV City- I don't think I'll ever part with her:
  10. I agree. My RV bag has tdf leather. It's squish and smooth and free of veins. Not a scratch on her. :flowers:
  11. It's snuggly, really shallow veins if any, and shiny. I just love hugging on my Rouge VIF! I've found she doesn't scratch at all. I'm careful with my bags but not TOO careful. I've carried her every day for the past 2 weeks and she's held up wonderfully!
  12. my rouge vif has buttery soft leather with wrinkley distressing on the back that i wish was throughout the front, as it has distressing at the bottom and tapers to smooth toward the top. despite that minor tidbit, i love my rouge vif!

    btw, the leather is fine...i even brought her along to a football game!

    here are photos when i got my vif brand new (lighting is not that great):


  13. smooth, not veiny, buttery, vibrant..gorgeous!