Question for Rolex owners, re: Oyster vs. Jubilee band

  1. So I have finally found my "perfect" watch: stainless steel Rolex Midsize Datejust with the mother-of-pearl face and diamond bezel. :heart: The only thing I can't decide on is what kind of band..arg. Which do you all prefer and why? I want something that I'm obviously going to love forever, but right now I just can't decide.

    Thanks girls! :smile:
  2. Hi Sassy, I have the same problem too but mine will be the small size and two tones. I like the Oyster but DH like the Jubilee! Now I am confused and can't decide lol.

    So I guess I am not help to you. :shrugs: Which one do you like better? I thought the Oyster is just simple and beautiful, while the Jubilee is more dressier and it has more traditional look to it. Good luck!:idea:
  3. its a personal choice. If u want something more casual oyster band is your choice and If u want more of a dressy watch get the Jubilee. Hope this helps.
  4. I prefer the Oyster bracelet, which is the style I have... I think it looks a lot more modern and more suitable to daily wear. The Jubilee is a bit too "formal" and busy for my taste.

    You should check out the thread with people's Rolexes to get an idea.
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  5. It depends on which look you are going for. The Oyster has a more sporty look. The Jubliee looks more dressy. I personally prefer the jubilee.

    Can't wait to see pics of your new Rolex. :wlae:
  6. The only "con" with the Jubilee strap is that it loosens up after some time :sad: Personally I prefer Oyster. True, it is more sporty, but your MOP face + diamond bezel make it formal! HTH!
  7. I was already leaning towards the Oyster and now I'm pretty sure that's what I want. :smile: Thanks for the opinions!!!
  8. ITA, my mom has the Oyster and it's still great-looking/feeling. I had a Jubilee and it got quite 'floppy' fast. I still prefer the appearance of the Jubilee tho'.
  9. I'd go for Oyster, too. To me it's sleeker.
  10. Scratches show up less on the jubilee.
  11. I prefer the jubilee!
  12. I would go for Jubilee, maybe b/c that's what i have. But it all depends on your style of clothes.
  13. They've recently changed the bracelets so the Jubilee won't have that problem anymore, it's solid now and the clasp is invisible. I was going to go with the oyster but my husband talked me back into the jubilee and I'm so glad he did. Plus the oyster doesn't have the beautiful new closure like the jubilee does.
  14. I think the jubilee is dressy and the oyster more sporty. I prefer the oyster. There are so many watches with similar bands like the jubilee.
  15. ^^unfortunately you can say that about the oyster too......It's just what happens in this world, lower end designers try to make styles similar to those of the highest quality and recognition as to make their item more desireable to those who can not afford the "real" thing. You see it in clothing, bags, shoes, watches, cars, EVERYTHING. IMO it's not a reason to chose a specific style over another, you have to go with what you love and ignore everything else......Try both on and do it more than once, that's the only way I was able to make my final choice....