Question for purse owners in college

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering for those of you that are in college and live in the dorms (hopefully that's at least one of you), do you ever worry about your expensive purses getting stolen? Has it ever happened to anyone you've known? I just want to know if this is something I should be concerned about when I move in a month. :shrugs:
  2. I just left my college apartment/dorm and let me tell you it's all about how much YOU trust your roommates. I was lucky that we all had locks to our doors, but I never locked my room. I had thousands of dollars worth of bags in there and never once wondered if they were still there.

    So if I were you, I would bring a trunk and put your bags in the trunk until you know what your roommate(s) are like. Especially if you don't know them. That way you can lock them up. Don't automatically assume they won't take them.
  3. yeah i agree with elongreach, trunk from the container store that isnt really out to see, with a couple of things on top of it, like my chenelle throw with a tray and a clock and loose jewelry. but for the bag i currently use, i leave it out becuase im constantly getting things in and out of it.
  4. When my daughter moved in the dorm, I bought her a trunk with a lock. I told her to put her expensive bags and leather jackets in there. I think she only used that for a couple of months. My daughter was very anal about locking her door and got her roommate to do it also. She was lucky and never got anything stolen. She was also lucky that she had good friends in college:yes:
  5. Lucky!! That's a real good idea too. I wish I had thought of that back in my dorm days.. people would jack other people's clothes right out of the dryer! wtf?
  6. ^^^That's a part of school though. You shouldn't keep your clothes in the dryer longer than it takes for them to dry because there are a lot of people waiting to use the washers and dryers. I used to go in the middle of the night or early morning to have them to myself.
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone! I only own two designer purses, a Coach and a Dior, but I want to one day expand my collection of them. I'll just buy a trunk and try to stay away from the really expensive ones for now, since it's going to be my first year in college and all.
  8. I've never had a problem with people stealing my bags (since I keep them hidden away/ locked up)... but people sure have stolen my underwear :censor: It's happened numerous times too. I set a timer for the exact time the dryer should be finished, and when I get there, ALL my underwear is gone. I've learned my lesson, I only handwash underwear now and hang it to dry. I was sooooo mad when my underwear got stolen, I couldn't imagine what would happen if my bags got stolen... I think I would probably kill the next person I saw!! :rant:
  9. That's disgusting! I hope they at least steal it as a joke and not for their own use. Man, I'm going to camp out in front of the dryer when I do my laundry. College is scary sounding :Push:
  10. It all depends on the people who live there, Cat Lover. I never lost clothes that I know of, but sometimes people would take them out of the dryer, if it stopped and they needed to use it. I also never had anything stolen, but we always kept our room locked, too. Wasn't hard... I'm a natural door locker, even when it's not what you want! :biggrin:

    I agree with those who suggest locking valuables in a trunk. Every now and then you just get a bad egg for a roomie.
  11. i rent a house with couple of friends & never locked my bed room when i'm away.. and our house is like a transit house for all of our friends. i never lost anything though :P and never had my laundry mixed up. my house mates are boys :roflmfao:
  12. You're lucky you get to live with friends! I'm going to be in Santa Barbara (UCSB), which is a really expensive area to live in, and none of my friends are going there. I figure I'll probably be stuck in dorms for the next three years.
  13. first of all, congrats on starting college! :smile: i've met some of my very best friends there!!!

    Sorry this is so long...i often dont say much unless i feel the strong urge to do so. My experience with one dormmate was horrible...

    I thought my roommate was a wonderful girl -- we'd eat together, talk about fav. songs etc. however, she was a major kleptomanic. i'd notice little things like my items seemed to not be *exactly* where i place them (i can pretty much tell if my stuff's been move even if it's a few inches). I thought it was just me. There were even times i'd wake up in the middle of the night to find that she is standing over me!! :wtf: Her comment: just want to make sure you're ok. To make the long story short, she first took my money ($500 at least which was from my grandfather that i didnt want to spend unless i am close to dying) and then later my shoes (which i found in her laundry bag and took back). I didnt want to confront her since it was i didnt want to start a fight, and i cant afford to fail my first year of grad. school which was already a struggle for me.
    To think she wanted to be a doctor....

    anyway, i think my experience is very extreme. my advice is just to be very careful and trust no one. I'd keep my purses to a minimal...maybe lesser expensive bags. I dont know how good those storage trunks are...but if they are really very very good w/a wheel-dial-like padlock, go for it. i fear that some people can find a way to open key-type locks, but again if it is a very very good trunk then it should be ok. :smile:
  14. madie , that's a scary story...
    after some of my house mates graduated, they're older than me. and i have to moves to a house where they rented rooms for girls only. and i only know 2 of them which is my best friends before and still now. there's this one girl who do annoyed us. it's really not much, she used our toiletries, and u know, for some girls, these are unacceptable. those are their private stuffs.
  15. Seahorseinstripes: yea, i think my one experience was a little out of the ordinary. :ninja: Normally using toiletry and other little minor things like bread, i dont mind much at all b/c i expected it in dorm life. However, it can definitely become annoying when he/she uses your stuff excessively b/c of our very limited student budget.
    btw, boys must be fun roomies! They seem not to have a care in the world. :yes: