Question for ppl with Hamptons Carryall

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  1. How structured is the bag? If the bag is not filled does it slouch alot or is it more stiff? Last but not least does it stay standing when put down?

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  2. The bag isn't super structured. It's more slouchy. If you put it on a table, it will stand up on its own (even with very little contents), but the bottom will slouch and pool a little.

    See below for a picture of the purse with nothing in it.

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  3. the slouchiness reminds me of my mbmj bags. that's why i considered this one as my first coach big bag buy! i just hope i still have some spending money left come next week or else i'll end up missing this one! :crybaby:
  4. It is somewhat structured. When the bag is empty, it flops over. When I have all my things in it, it does stand up on its own when I put it down. The leather is really soft and buttery. It loses it structure only when empty. I really must say that I love this bag. The leather is so soft and textured. Its an awesome bag for the price. HTH.
  5. Hmm...mine doesn't flop over when it's empty. It slouches a lot, but it still stands up.

    And yeah, it is an awesome bag - one of my favourites!

  6. Mine slouches, but still stands on its own (when I can fill it with anything imaginable!). I kind of wish it was a little more structured though. Here's a pic:

  7. At the moment I have the hamptons hobo. I was thinking about the carryall. I love my bag but was hoping for something a little more structured and easier to get my things in and out of. I am not sure about the zipper tho it might drive me nuts. I may just end up leaving it open. After seeing the pics I am not sure if I like how much it slouches. I thought it was more structured than that.
  8. Well I went ahead and ordered the carryall in black. I will see if I like it when it gets here in person. Thanks for all the pics :yes:
  9. :crybaby:I just went to find out the status of my order and the carryall is backordered. I called some local stores and none have one either. I am so bummed.