question for pochette accesories owners..what's its width?

  1. Hi!

    I'm thinking of ordering a pochette accesories to go into my soon to be ordered BH. I'll put my wallet and keys (and cellphone too if I'll carry it as bag) in it.

    Could you tell me what's the width of the pochette?

    elux does not mention the width and I think the dimension in is wrong. I'm concerned that my compact wallet won't fit in it...the wallet is ~ 1.5 inches thick.

    Also, do you think it'll fit my wallet, keys (using the 4-key holder) and cellphone?

    Thanks so much for your response.
  2. i fit my LV small agenda (thick)
    my multicles (4key holder)
    kyocera strobe (bulkiest cutest cell phone in the world)
    chanel lip gloss
    and a small thin cles or just throw my change into ti!

    the bottom is about and inch and a half wide, between the piping. but you can fit far more into it bc the bag is slightly soft, so you can just keep filling it. i love the stupid thing! as long as you organze it right, you can fit quite a bit of your daily necessities in it.

    its not a speedy or anything, but it is pretty great!
  3. I can fit my small agenda in there with no issue.

    I'd say the pochette is about 2 in wide
  4. I have an LV zipped compact wallet and it certainly does fit into the pochette.

  5. Most definitely.
  6. Thanks so much for your response :smile:

    I'll be buying the pochette as well.
  7. really? awesome! that was exactly what I've been wondering too! I've been debating ordering an azur pochette, but I wasn't sure if it fit my vernis agenda PM plus 4-key hoolder plus phone...I was going to go to Macy's tomm and ask to see one, but I always feel bad bothering the SAs if I'm not planning on buying it there (gonna take advantage of elux free shipping!) - now you've saved me the trouble!