Question for Pleated Hobo Owners...

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  1. I'd like to know...
    How do you like yours?
    Does it hold a TON?
    Is it heavy?
    What's the drop length of the strap like?
    I heard they have some of these at places like Marshalls & TJ much did you pay for yours?
    I am looking at one on Ebay that is PINK! Did they make this style in PINK?
    What is the style number on the pleated hobos? This one says "10205" but it isn't coming up in the DD?!?
    Here's a pic....What do y'all think??

    THANKS, ALL!!!:yes:
  2. I have the white pleated hobo and its super soft holds a ton. I got mine at the factory outlet they had one. I paid $125 it was on the clearence wall then an extra 20 percent off. I have never seen this pink I have seen the brown, black, whhite, blue,gold and silver this does look just like mine. and the drop length is perfect
  3. sorry i forgot to mention its not heavy at all
  4. I have a white. I thnk they made it in black and white and brown, Pink? Do not think so, not sure. I bought it at the outlet in Florida. I paid a very low price of $129.00 . Yes it is light leather that can be cleaned and yes, it has heavy hardware in the middle like a Gucci horsebit sort of and on the top fasteners. I have not worn it yet, but I did try it on my trip and left it in the room, for it was indeed heavy but, for me, you have to remember that. Please do not ask me if I am going to return it...I think I have mutant shoulders. I would be too embarrassed to tell you. I love the bag, it holds a ton. Does that answer your questions, LOL...
  5. Thanks so much for all of your very helpful information!! The drop length looks great...makes it look even prettier to me!!!! The only thing I wish is that the hardware was silver/nickel with the pink instead of brass/gold. Oh well...I wonder if I'd like it better IRL?!!?
  6. I bought my mom the white one for Mother's Day and she LOVES it. I paid $111 at the outlet. I did see the pink one at TJMaxx and it was authentic. Keep in mind, it is a very bright pink! :yes:
    Anyway, it doesn't seem to heavy and it does hold a lot of stuff. If you put too much in it though, it doesn't slouch nicely and looks kinda like a tube, if that makes sense! I've attached pics of my mom with hers.
    momhobo.jpg momhobo2.jpg
  7. I saw the pink one at Filene's the pink does exist.
  8. the pink definitely exists, it's actually a little more rare than the other colors.

    it's a great really hot pink!
  9. My daughter got this in white, and it's her favorite bag. She just loves it.
  10. Purse-O-Nality you really DO love pink lol!! check the link that somebody posted
  11. Good description. I bought this in black ($276) @ TJ Maxx a while back but ended up taking it back. When I put all my stuff in it, I thought it looked like a sock full of nickels on my shoulder - not cute. :sad:

    But the leather was buttery soft and it wasn't heavy at all. I love how it looks on other people.
  12. Katherine Heigel (sp) "Izzy Stevens " from Grey's Anatomy has this bag in white
  13. I got this is black from TJ Maxx and I love it. I holds a ton but can be a bit heavier than some bags. I'm used to heavy bags so it doesn't bother me. I absolutly love this bag.