Question For People with Dwarf Rabbits

  1. I'm going to be getting a dwarf rabbit soon from a breeder around my area. They are expecting a litter soon which will have about 4 tiny little rabbits and I'll be getting one of them! :yahoo: I won't be seeing it for about 8 weeks though, since the breeder said he can't release them any earlier than that. Anyways my question is are they difficult to take care of and how are they as pets in the house ? Also if anyone knows how big they usually get that would be so helpful too since I want to buy a big enough cage that will last him/her for awhile.


    i'll make sure to post pictures when he/she arrives sometime at the end of November or early December.;)
  2. Rabbits are very sweet and can be wonderful pets. Things you should know:

    They can be litter trained, because they like to be clean. They can live up tp ten years, so it's good to think about that--it's a big commitment.

    They really like to chew a lot, because their teeth grow continually. It can be challenging to train them not to chew electrical cords and other "chewy" things. I've always given my rabbits willow twigs, carrots and other things to chew on so they aren't as likely to chew things they shouldn't.

    Make sure the cage is a good size--I would suggest getting the largest one you can find--at least three feet long. There must be room for the litter box as well as a food area and sleeping area.

    It is difficult to say how large the bunny will get--true dwarfs are a lot smaller than other rabbits at full size, but it depends on whether the parents are both small. If you can see both parents, that would be helpful.

    Anything else you would like to know?