Question for people who receive LV gifts/shipments at work...

  1. I just peeked into blew 415's thread about her surprise LV...Gorgeous bag, BTW!:love: But it had me wondering...

    Those of you who receive LV gifts/shipments at work: Do any of the other people in the office get jealous? I ask this because when I worked in an office, I had coworkers getting jealous of the seemingly smallest things...I know that they would be ready to crucify me if I received an LV...heck, if I even WORE an LV, I'd get attitude.

    I know, it probably doesn't matter to many of you what people think or maybe many of you are lucky enough to work among others who don't get jealous or who have no power over your career. When I was a coordinator of events, my director was jealous of a small raise that I and several other underpaid coordinators received (even though she made much more money than us:rolleyes: )...she made it difficult for us from then on. :sad: And when she noticed any new clothing or new anything, she'd make snide remarks. I was not into LV then and I'm sooo glad. It would have been hell!

    So, how do your coworkers, bosses, and others act when/if they see your new LV?
  2. Yes, when I am home from school I work at my family's business. The secretaries often have issues with my bags, making comments on how I have "so many" when I've only used TWO for the office, and they think my dad just hands me money just because they know how much he makes. Well, if that were the case, I wouldn't have been working my butt off every morning at 5:30 this summer. Anyway, Two Christmas's ago I ordered bags and sent them to my office because I wouldn't have been home to recieve them, however I addressed them to my father so I wouldn't have to deal with their snide remarks. I know it shouldn't matter what other people think, but when you have to work with these people and see them everyday, I, at least, try to keep the peace.
  3. No one gets jealous in my office. Actually they all think I am ridiculous for caring so much about the way I look, my bags, shoes etc. I think they find me entertaining...What is Liz wearing today, what handbag does she have, etc.

    They do make a point to tell me that they do not understand my shopping obsession, but 'whatever floats your boat'.

    I have a real close co worker who thinks its funny and can't wait until I have kids. She claims then I will see what is really important in life.
  4. I think that's pretty condescending, even if she means it in the nicest way possible. Just my opinion- I know she's close to you! :flowers: Just because you like LV, it doesn't mean you don't have your priorities sorted out, and won't in the future.
  5. I'm sure your priorities are just fine. Enjoy your youth. Children will come fast enough and your priorities will adjust along with them. You don't have to lose a love for beautiful things, or that part of yourself, simply because you have a family - you just have to fit them all together.

    I do receive packages at work - I just don't open them there. While close colleagues probably know there are fun things inside, no sense causing ill feelings for some who may carry a counterfeit (knowingly or otherwise) or run into judgmental opinions from other associates. I like getting packages at work because I don't have to worry about something being set on the veranda before I get home (and possibly being absconded with by someone bad!)
  6. I know, I am actually one of those people that may never have kids. I am 28 right now, but not sure if I would want to be a parent(don't throw stones!). That is almost why my DH and I splurge on ourselves and our puppies.

    Maybe alot later down the road, we will think about having children. But just not now, I don't think I would be ready.
  7. You've got plenty of time . . . It's hard enough once the children start (and I love my kids dearly!). Enjoy your time with your hubby - it will give you a great base together before you have a 13 year old!
  8. I can totally relate to this.
  9. I totally agree...I detect a little resentment/jealousy in the remarks.
  10. I am so sorry Buttery that you have to work with people like that.
    There is no cattyness or jealousy going on at my workplace but we also avoid talking about personnal stuff (it's a cultural thing and it works !), a compliment on a nice dress and that's it. So I wouldn't find it very appropriate to get delivered something personal at work. LV or not.
  11. i'm so sorry too that you have to be in such a hostile environment. i used to work with a manager like that and i actually started having nightmares at nite from it all:crybaby: .

    the day i quit was one the best day of my life:yahoo:

    my sil is a total nut, works in an office and treats the other employees like your boss does. she's a really sick person. she went crazy bc a girl in her office had a coach bag:shrugs:
  12. if anyone get jealous, i would show off to them even more.

    they can say more things, its like i care? lol
  13. i feel the same as you, blew. i love spoiling my pups and my hubby. i love my life now:love: someone actually told me the other day i need to have children to be a woman and fufilled:confused1:

    i don't want children either now, i love to be with my hubby so much, i love my freedom.
    i'm just not ready either and people act like there's something wrong with me:shrugs:
  14. I work in a small office with 2 other ladies, and one of them thinks it's great that I can buy something that makes me so happy, and the other one is always asking 'how much was that?'....I can't stand it when people ask me how much something was....she buys new jewelry all the time and I will compliment her that I like her jewelry but the last thing on my mind to ask her is 'how much did you pay for that!?'. When she asked me how much my damier speedy was, I said, 'that's between me and Louis Vuitton'....that shut her up!! ;)
  15. My best friend was on her 3rd job interview with a company and the young girl that was going to be the manager made a snide comment that she couldn't hire my friend because she dressed better than her and people would think she was the manager. UGH.....It was really quite funny because my friend was going thru a nasty divorce and had all her money tied up with the ex and would buy her clothes at the wonderful thrift shops in South Florida, of course everything she bought was top designer but she was judged on the way she dressed. She got a better job but it amazes me the things people can say.