Question for people who own or have played with the Hobo style

  1. Has anyone noticed that the zipper on the Hobo's does not open and close smoothly? I just received my black hobo w/SGH (gorgeous combo!) and the zipper is a touch awkward, as compared to my day bags (very smooth). I remember when I still owned the sandstone hobo, I thought the same thing. Do you think it is a defect in the batch or am I just being too picky?
  2. I find that a lot of crescent shaped hobo styles have difficulty zipping smoothly, though I have never tried Balenciaga's.
  3. I think it's likely an individual piece issue rather than batch. You might want to try rubbing a little bee's wax candle on the teeth and see if that loosens & smooths the action.

    I've got a Marine Giant Hobo that I've used quite a bit and never noticed anything funky with the zipper. Although I just now tried it and I'd say it feels a little "tight" but the action is smooth, just a little slower.
  4. I have never noticed. Usually I always leave mine un-zipped.
  5. I noticed this, too - but the zipper is completely different than on my RH bals, much larger "teeth" and rougher to the touch. I think it coordinates with the GH - like purplekicks says above, the shape may also have something to do with it. I've gotten used to it.
  6. i absolutely agree with pursemania. my days in rh are so easy to open and the hobo and days in gh are a bit tough. i have considered only buying rh now. yes, i find it that annoying.
  7. You read my mind! Just today I received a Cinnamon SGH Hobo and thought the exact same thing! The zipper is awkward, though I don't always zip mine. My main concern is whether or not I even like the Hobo style!!!
  8. I agree with purse and lola -- I think zippers on GH bags are not as smooth as RH bags, probably due to their size.

    Off to try Corey's bee's wax recommendation...
  9. I think if you didn't have a day bag to compare it to, you probably wouldn't have noticed. But if you don't like the style, that is another matter.
  10. For me I love the style and color combo; especially the "fit" of the hobo. It sits nicely on my shoulder and is so sharp with the silver HW. I think the zipper thing will just have to be considered a minor annoyance to enjoy this bag.
  11. I love the style, but have also noticed that the big zipper takes a little more effort. The angle of pulling due to the shape of the bag seems to contribute, too.
  12. They are harder to unzip and they are deadly for fingernails. ripppppppppppp:p
  13. When I first got my 07 Day RH in September I noticed that the zipper was a pretty stiff and ackward, but it has gotten better with use. I just this week got an 07 GGH Hobo and the zipper on that bag is actually a little better, so it may also depend on the individual bag.