Question for people who live far from Hermes

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  1. I'm new to Hermes (and nice handbags in general, as I escalated from Coach to LV to Hermes pretty darn quick), and unfortunately, the nearest boutique is more than 3 hours away :cry: I know that isn't too terribly far in the scheme of things, but I'm not a big fan of driving long distances, and I don't have any friends who would be inclined to take an Hermes road trip with me.

    I've read a lot of threads on here where people have referenced making phone orders with their SAs. For those of you who live far from a boutique, did you make the first contact by phone with an SA? Or did you have to make an in person visit first, to get contact info before ordering by phone? I know ordering a Birkin or Kelly by phone is a no-no, but right now I'm mostly interested in building up a SLG collection (I saw some beautiful SLG rainbow photos here) to go with my new (well, pre-loved) Lindy. And if anyone has any specific SA references or recommendations for me, the Hermes boutique nearest to me is in Dallas :smile:
  2. Hi Miejam339!!!:welcome2:I live a 10 hour drive from the nearest H. So I have to do everything by phone. I think you could go both ways. Either find an SA in person let them know your situation or you could call and if you click with an SA over the phone then you can just shop from home instantly! I think it depends on the SA the first SA I met was not inclined to taking photos for me, the second was never available and the third time was a charm!! I met a great SA in person once and have had an over the phone relationship that works fantastic!! I think it all depends on the person who you talk to. Also I would suggest if you don't find anyone in Dallas find another store, I think its more important to find the right SA than worry about their location. I hope this helps you!!!:flowers:Best of luck and would love to know if you find a great SA!!!!:smile:
  3. I am fortunate to live in CA so I 3 H stores within an hour or 2 at most with SF being a quick plane ride away but I do a lot of phone orders with the Neimans in DC for the points:smile: The DC store will ship to you for a little over 12 bucks which is a great deal. Ask for Gabriella, she's nice but I think she only works part time.
  4. I do everything by phone as I don't live close to an H either. I've never seen my SA in person and he's always willing to try and get whatever I desire.
    If you need an SA pm and I could hook you both up.
  5. My suggestion is to head into the store. Since you mention you are relatively new to H, it helps to see the items and colors and leathers IRL before you decide to make the decision over the phone. If you find an SA in the Dallas store willing to ship, great; otherwise, it would not have been a wasted trip either - it's easier to ask your SA for things you have already seen.
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    I am also one of those who does most of my shopping by phone since I do not live close to a store. I first met my SA in person when I bought my Kelly (off the shelf), but honestly, I don't think she remembered who I was when I called her a few weeks later. What set her apart from the other SAs that I had worked with, was the fact that she was friendly and interested in helping me find what I wanted, even though she didn't really remember me. It did take a few failed attempts with other SAs at the same store before I found her, and that was over the course of two years and four visits to that store.

    I would suggest visiting a store first, even if it means one that is at a vacation destination, rather than the closest store to you. You certainly can find an SA who will work with you sight unseen, but it's really nice to be able to see and handle as many different items, colors, and leathers that you think you might want in the future. Pictures are nice, but nothing beats seeing, say, rouge garrance vs vermillion in person before deciding which red SLG you truly want. Good luck!!
  7. Thanks all! I think I'll wait a bit before trekking down to the Dallas store to check out the merchandise in person. I also know that I'll be traveling to at least one city with an Hermes next year (orientation and training for work), so hopefully I can use that opportunity to branch out and meet more SAs, if no one in Dallas is to my liking.
  8. My home store is the Dallas H and I have a fantastic SA who I have been working with for a while now. PM me if you'd like info on the Dallas store.

    Good luck! :smile:
  9. Funny, I live near an Hermes boutique but I buy Hermes stuff from far far away Hermes boutique, lol
    Yeah if you are reading this you local evil Hermes sales man, shame on you for not even bothered trying to track down a scarf even though I was so polite. That's why I'm making your boutique as a pick-up depot now :biggrin:
  10. :d
  11. Dallas has a great Hermes store. Everyone I have worked with has been incredibly helpful. They would be a great place to start!! Feel free to PM with any questions and welcome to the orange side!!!
  12. There are 7 hermes boutiques within 40 mins from where I live now..But I will move next year to The states and the closest boutique will be chicago 5 hours drive..I have not thought about it till I read this thread...

    Good luck miejam339!
  13. A curious question, I know hermes can ship to you if you live far away from Hermes
    but did they ship birkin ?
  14. They ship anything you buy.:flowers:
  15. I live in a city with an H boutique, but the SAs can be not always so helpful when it comes to searching for things. I have a couple of H scarf collector friends who use a wonderful SA in Dallas and I also ship with one across the US from me. I will PM you both names!